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Spidey Suit #5: Spider-Man 2099

~Artwork from Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man (1995)

Reaching into the near future, approximately 100 years from the 90's, comes the next installment of popular Spider-Man suits. This one, a futuristic prototype of the original, is called The Spider-Man 2099 Costume.

Spider-Man 2099 was the concept of Peter David and Rick Leonardi back in 1992, and one of the original characters of the 2099 theme, a world that evolved 100 years after the Heroic Age. In a world of cyberpunk society and mass corporate power, Miguel O'Hara is an accomplished geneticist blackmailed by the CEO of Alchemax into using his gene therapies on human test subjects. In an effort to purge an addictive drug from his system, he undergoes an accident which rewrites half his DNA with a spider. This process turns him into the Spider-Man of the future.

Much of the fame from the 2099 Spidey Suit is its monstrous likeness. It also appears to carry traits of the evolved Venom look, like claws, spinnerets on the backs of the hands, and the jagged, thorny fins on the forearms and legs. Traditionally, it still commits to the dark blue and red of the original, but now it is made from Fantastic Four patented unstable molecules, and lacks the eerie, white eyes, having nothing now to distinguish them. The blue is now more predominant; the reds are displayed as slim lines, tracing the spider logo and other features.

One unique trait of this uniform was the web-based air-foils that streamed from O'Hara's underarms to his back; this may have been idealized from the Spider-Man of the 60's onward who had webbing under his arms (although they eventually disappeared). Even though these additions allowed the hero to glide through the air, they were an accidental part of the costume which Miguel received through affiliation with Thorites, a group of radicals that believed Thor would eventually return to their time.

The Top 10 Costumes of Spider-Man is a Countdown provided by The Superheroes List, preparing Comic Book Fans for the upcoming movie, The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. If you're a Spider-Man enthusiast, join in and check out the fun as we sort through all his popular and, sometimes most wacky, Spidey designs.

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