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TWIC: Batman and Spider-Man Weekend Edition

After an extremely successful Avenger Movie, we're now waiting for the latest two hits to reach the big screen: The Amazing Spider-Man, with Andrew Garfield and Emma  Stone, and The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan's last Batman installment featuring Christian Bale. Both are going to do great at the Box Office - that goes without saying in the Comic Book Community.

First, to commemorate and gather as much fan appreciation and information as possible, there are two new summary pages: Spotlight on The Amazing Spider-Man, which will feature all the news, tweets, correlating info, and entertainment of our lithe Wall-Crawler, and Spotlight on The Dark Knight Rises, which accumulates nearly the same info on Batman.Both are established to bring readers up to speed with rumors, but more importantly, to link to other information and things to do while you wait (You'll see in a second.)

The Extras. To accomodate those of us who are big Batman and Spider-Man fans, the following is available:

In this countdown, you're going to see what the life of Peter Parker is like from the inside out. It's not always about beating the bad buy! No! Sometimes you gotta pay the bills, do the homework! And yes, sometimes you have to change your suit! That's why, right here, you're now going to be privileged with The Top 10 Greatest Suits of Spider-Man. These are costumes and gear he's used over the course of his adventures, the ones that made the pages and added to his fan base.

Here, you will learn about the psyche of Batman; you will glean the mind of this hero - that pale glimmer of light - that never goes out, never gives up, and always out-thinks his opponent. Gathered here are the 10 most deadly moments in Batman's life. These are the chapters of his past that defined him, destroyed him, and ultimately, rebuilt Gotham's Avatar into an icon of fear for all those who would pursue injustice on the innocents. Read now, and learn Batman's Worst (and Greatest) moments.

 Pretend you're in a cave. Amassed within the dark folds of this densely populated lair are the clans of The Spider and The Bat. (That's you guys.) For decades, these two potential enemies have been vying for rulership over this domain. We'll be looking at a list of scenarios that pits Batman against Spider-Man; this will not be a contest of sheer power. This is about the differences and possible advantages that each superhero could bring to a fight. You'll be able to speak your mind, too. There will be polls and references to draw upon and more. So who would win? Well, that's for you to decide.

This is the #TWIC Batman Spider-Man Weekend Edition. If you were wondering where it went, now you know. Normally, it'll be presented on Mondays, but Friday can't hurt, right?

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