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And Who Are You, Spider-Man?

 ~FCBD Avengers: Age of Ultron #0.1 (2012)

We were forewarned that Ultron would return back when the huge Marvel Point One November 2011 issue appeared; the world would be plunged into chaos and tyranny, and the artificial intelligence that had threatened Earth's Mightiest Heroes from times past would find its way back to Earth.

That day has come; but before we cower in fear, this panel will grant us a few moments of levity. Steve Rogers, aka Captain America is learning about the organization known as SWORD in a meeting with Abagail Brand. The scene quickly becomes one of revelation as Hank McCoy, The Beast steps forward.

Not to be outdone, Spidey decides it's time to unveil his "other" identity. Please note, this was the Free Comic Book Day 2012 release, so prepare for an intense series of stories to come.

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