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Spidey Suit #7: Original Venom

 ~Excerpt from Amazing Spider-Man #258 (1984)

Ironically, this outfit is on the list twice. Yes, it's true, but only fair since the Original Black Venom suit looked way more different than it's rendition on Flash Thompson, listed above. And that's the point; for some reason, the alien symbiote takes on a unique semblance depending on who's wearing it. In this first version, it was more like an inky, sleek, black with a sheen in the light. White guards appeared on the back of the hands where it projected his webs; likewise, the eyes and spider logo on the chest were also white against the ebony backdrop.

Ominous or dangerous, this costume first appeared in Secret Wars #8 (1984) when Spider-man encountered it on a world when he was destined to fight for the fate of existence. The original concept was to appear more like the current Spider-Woman, Julia Carpenter (she had a black and white outfit that was popularized at the time. The benefits of the bonding between Peter Parker and the symbiote were originally ones of pure advantage; the suit responded to his thoughts, produced its own webbing, and increased his strength and agility.

Only later did the flaws emerge; the symbiote, aside from having a weakness to attacks of a sonic origin, amplifies emotional stress and has hunger issues. Yes, unfortunately, it wants to eat and consume people, wreck destruction, and make the host a psychotic maniac. Oh well, better luck next time!

Ever since its debut, the Black Suit has evolved into one of Spidey's Greatest Villains. That's sorta funny considering the goal was to simply give the wall-crawler a new look.

The Top 10 Costumes of Spider-Man is a Countdown provided by The Superheroes List, preparing Comic Book Fans for the upcoming movie, The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. If you're a Spider-Man enthusiast, join in and check out the fun as we sort through all his popular and, sometimes most wacky, Spidey designs.

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