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DC Announces Gay Hero; It's Probably Wonder Woman

 ~Wonder Woman #9 (2012), Hades using her own Lasso of Truth against her.

DC Comics recently announced that one of their primary (Read: main) characters will be coming out of the closet; in an interview with Co-Publisher Dan DiDio, he stated that although this person was originally considered straight, the announcement would immediately make this superhero "one of our most prominent gay superheroes".

Perhaps it shouldn't come at a surprise. Both Marvel and DC have been introducing superheroes with gay backgrounds for a few years now. (For example, Northstar of Marvel Comics is leading an openly gay life in Canada, while Batwoman of DC is pursuing a similar lifestyle.) What's culminating from these stories appears to be a contest of upstaging; recently Marvel announced Northstar would enter a gay marriage and this may be DC's chance to outdo their comic book rivals.

Additionally, this could also be a quirky timing gimmick since President Obama decided to announce he supports gay marriage; this also wouldn't be the first time politics have lurked in comic books. So if you're wondering "why" a formerly straight superhero will be announcing this revelation, join the club. Let's be honest, hopefully most of the stories will be about fighting and action.

Pictured Right: Excerpt from Wonder Woman #220 (2005)

If "prominent" is the keyword, this could limit our choices to Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and possibly, Aquaman. Among DC's biggest draws, they represent their major product lines and would seriously shake things up. Any other character coming out of the closet would lack the same level of significance. So who will it be:

Superman has been suggested, but should be discounted. We also know that it would really hurt him if his Lois Lane/Clark Kent, strangely-promoted affair disappeared.

Batman has also been speculated, which better be inaccurate. Perhaps people are forgetting Bruce Wayne has had some suspicious "Robin" debates over the years; it would destroy The Dark Knight. Basically it would mean illegality and surely DC doesn't want to fight that war.

The Flash and Aquaman are married. To women. (Or,  at least, they were; since the DC New 52, Barry dates a girl named Patty Spivot, while Iris has a romantic attraction to him.) Hal Jordan, The Green Lantern, is a swinging single; it could be him, but unlikely. His character has always been tied to Carol Ferris aka Star Sapphire.

And so we're left with Wonder Woman. Intentionally. If DC Comics is going to out one of their major characters, Wonder Woman is the most likely, and best, choice:

She originates from the island of Themyscira, home of The Amazons, where only women are allowed to live; this gives her a perfect background, one of unfamiliarity with men and comfort-ability with her own gender. It would, therefore, be no surprise to see her spending time with other women; this is or was her natural setting.

Picture: Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor Breaking Up. No One Knows Why. ~Justice League #9 (2012)

Take also into consideration the comic book readers: mostly men. Comic book demographics have aged over the years, but clearly if there is a sense of appeal, a lesbian would be preferred by them over a gay male.

Lastly, most of us who know the Wonder Woman history, remember Colonel Steve Trevor; he's always been the major love-interest for Diana Prince, from back when he first appeared in All-Star Comics #8 (1941). Although Steve has been through a lot, lately there's a storyline that the Amazonian isn't reciprocating his feelings.

Take this prediction as you will; it's not set in stone. But remember this as you go through the list - DC isn't in the business of losing money. It's all about what sells. And anytime you shuck a "major" change on a "primary" character, you have to assume they don't want to diminish their own paychecks. (Heck, it was rough enough back when Superman was switching his red tights.)

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