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Gotham on Fire; Jean Grey School Under Attack!

In the backdrop or a record-breaking week for The Avengers Movie, there have been huge developments for our heroes in the comic books:

Night of The Owls, The Batman saga involving many of the surrounding denizens of Gotham, has escalated and we're getting a vision of the city spreading into anarchy. Commissioner Gordon was given a warning in Batgirl #9 not to light the Bat-Signal. He does it anyway and finds out it's been altered to appear like the Athenian Owl. Elsewhere in Batman and Robin #9, Damian headed off and encounters a Talon trying to kill Major General Burrows in the Gotham Barrens; after reading the issue, you have to admit the kid has talent. In Batman #9, we finally read the conclusion of the fight in the Batcave; Batman finally acheives victory, racing out to see the "Owl" signal in the skyline.

Quick point: This Batman story just keeps getting better. It has the familiar-but-awesome psychological backdrop that keeps the Dark Knight at the top of the favorites list. 

The Avengers vs. X-Men event took a turn back to the Northeastern United States this week. Previously, we knew that Wolverine was kicked off a Quinjet by Captain America. Well now we know what transpired before then. When Logan was checking in on his students at the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning, Cyclops dropped in during Wolverine and The X-Men #10; it was quick attempt to make his point and try to siphon off some mutants for the cause. And it worked.

And now a word about X-Men Legacy #266 (Pictured Above). This is the latest occurrence in the AvX story and in this issue, The Avengers, consisting of She-Hulk, Falcon, and Moon Knight show up to keep the School's staff and students from joining Cyclops' cause. It's one of those What Were You Thinking Moments! By the end of the issue, Rogue and Frenzy are beating the crap out of the trio. Let's be honest, it was stupid for them to head there; next time use a satellite!

Special Mention: If you're interested in a mini-event, check out The Culling, which incorporates the New Teen Titans, including Superboy, and the members of Legion Lost. This breakout story will culminate in the formation of the new DC Second Wave title The Ravagers #1.

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