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TWIC: Alliances, Allies, and People In The Way

In the last week of comic books, there's a lot to be said concerning the many formations and breakings of friendships and alliances. It's no longer certain how things are going to settle when the dust clears on the two major events occurring right now with DC and Marvel.

In the Avengers vs. X-Men story, Hope manages to find Wolverine before he "finds her" (Avengers vs. X-Men #4, 2012). That's a good thing, but thinking he was on her side, she's left surprised when he calls Captain America and team and tells them they are on the moon! (I was a little confounded, considering Captain America kicked Logan off the Quinjet in the previous issue.) Oh well, no one ever knows what Wolverine will do.

Meanwhile, out in deep space (Avengers #26, 2012), the cosmos-residing Avengers are having little luck against the oncoming Phoenix Entity. The Protector has learned something in their defeat, though; Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, has some traces of the Phoenix energies within it; it could be the key to stopping the creature. The send the God of Thunder out there with machines strapped to his back. The plan works and they gather information they plan to use at a later point.

Lastly, with AvX: Versus #2, we saw what happens when Spidey faces Colossus, recently endowed with the power of the Juggernaut. Actually, we saw what little happens. Meh; let's be honest, Spider-man is a great hero, but he's not in that league of power. The greater battle of the issue was Captain America vs. Gambit.

The Night of The Owls event last week showed us lots of the skirmishes across the city as some of the famous characters of Gotham returned to its defense.

Red Hood and his allies dropped in on Chinatown to stop Mister Freeze and a Talon in mid-battle. This all happened in Red Hood and The Outlaws #9 (2012) and reminds us that Jason Todd is loyal to the city of his upbringing, even though he hates Batman. And to my recollection, this is the first time we see the infamous cold-wielding villain since DC's New 52, and he's a bit "upgraded". Or so it appears.

Black Canary and Katana face a Talon after seeing "parts" of their associate, Poison Ivy, on a telephone poll. In their battle, this creature is nearly unstoppable until Batgirl drops in and reveals the villain's weakness. (Birds of Prey #9 2012).

In Nightwing #9 (2012), Dick Grayson resumes his battle; the fight is a personal one with him taking on his great-great grandfather, one of the original Talons.

Catwoman decides not to turn a blind eye while in the middle of a heist with her boyfriend, Spark. While waiting for Penguin to leave his roost, they catch a Talon breaking in to assassinate him. Selina, for some reason, show's her allegiance to some form of goodness and joins the fight. For me, the ending was a bit of a surprise since these Talons are quite unbreakable.

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