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Avenger #1: Captain America

He's the Star-Spangled Patriot, born out of the misery of The Great Depression and Second World War; an inspiring emblem to an emerging nation in need of hope, his name is Captain America, wearing the colors of the good ole' U.S. of A. Carried with him at all times is his trademark shield, thought to be indestructible, which he uses as a devastating weapon and formidable defense.

Cap, more than any hero in the Marvel Universe, symbolizes Earth's Mightiest Heroes, which is quite ironic if you consider he's not a founding member (first appearing in Avengers #4, 1964, the group thawed him out from suspended animation). Nowadays, he's often known as The First Avenger, a term that qualified him due to the pre-Avenger's Initiative, government program he joined from the 40's.)

And why is that? Why is Captain America so important to the superhero ethos and integral to the Avenger team? It's clearly what he stands for: originally a frail, young Steve Rogers, this underprivileged boy withstood all trials to survive the super-soldier program, achieving the highest levels of physical performance capable by human standards. To people around the world, he now represents freedom, strength, and justice.

So, when the Thor, Iron Man, and the rest are being hammered to their very end, there's one man, endlessly and tirelessly rising to his feet, bearing the shield to defend all allies. He's their face to the public and the team's unshakeable will. Captain America is actually a man with no power, but one representing the highest ideals of mankind. It is this resume that makes him a true hero and the greatest Avenger.

The Top 10 Greatest Avengers is a countdown list provided by The Superheroes List. This is an event coinciding with the release of the 2012 Avengers Movie premiering May 4th. If you're big with Avengers trivia or superheroes, then Check out this List!

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