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Harvest Time!

~Teen Titans Annual #1 (2012)

The Culling is an exciting mini-event happening with the Teen Titan and other heroes that involves a horrendous super-villain named Harvest. Masterminding a dimension where only the strongest survive, he's lured the 31st Century superheroes from Legion Lost to face Red Robin and his crew, in the middle of chaos.

What makes Harvest so demonstrative is his plans; these metahumans and talented fighters - the ones who survive - will eventually became part of his Ravagers. And if you're familiar with that term, pay close attention to the DC Second Wave; The Ravagers #1 will be coming out as part of both of these events.

The Culling can be followed in this short chronology of issues:

Superboy #8
Legion Lost #8
Teen Titans #8

Main Event
Teen Titans Annual #1
Superboy #9
Legion Lost #9
Teen Titans #9

The Ravagers #1 (also part of the DC Second Wave)

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