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Avengers Movie Opens Amidst FCBD

It all happened this week. You were here.

 Saturday was Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) and with it came the heralded Avengers Movie. Did you go? Here's my review if you're still on the fence. Of course, if you're a comic book fan, what are you doing on a fence? I guarantee you that it will be the box office favorite.

In the comic book world, we just learned that Shattered Heroes can now be put to rest. Iron Man #516 came out and started a new story arc, meaning that closes the chapter of the event. So what happened overall and what were the outcomes. Well, there's Asgardia, Cap lost his powers for awhile, Tony was outed for drunkiness and we have a new Nick Fury. Check it out.

Night Of The Owls released Batwing #9, where the franchise superhero risks his own life to save Lucious Fox from execution by a Talon. You'll especially like Detective Comics #9, which also came out, because the same regenerating killers invade Arkham Asylum; it's written in the perspective of Jeremiah Arkham, who they tried to kill, and you're getting a psycho-logical treat. Batman appears and reluctantly saves him. You can tell he's about to unleash some beat-down.

In the Avengers vs. X-Men event, Captain America and Wolverine came to blows, which was a surprise; Logan was originally helping stop Cyclops and his extinction team, but Cap decided he didn't want his kind of help anymore and kicked the mutant out of a moving plane in Avengers vs. X-Men #3. Meanwhile, in the midst of all of this, the remaining, non-aggressive mutants were brought to Hank Pym's training center in Avengers Academy #29. Tensions are still high and now Earth's Mightiest have split up to look for Cyclops' team and Hope all across the globe. (This should mean lots more fights, right?)

And in case you thought that was it, don't leave now. DC's Second Wave just came out. After the discontinuation of six of their lowest-revenue titles, they were replaced this week by new ones, including the much-anticipated World's Finest #1. And, by the way, a lot of controversy is brewing there because fans are missing the old Power Girl uniform.

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