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Spider Suit #8: Military Style Venom

~Venom #4 (2011)

Run everybody! He's got a gun!

First endowed with the Venom Symbiote in Amazing Spider-Man #654 (2011), Eugene "Flash" Thompson took the whole list of Spider-Man costumes to a new level when Project: Rebirth incorporated his military service and training to encompass a "Spidey With Prejudice" mentality. He's got grenades; he's got guns; and, oh yes, he's got no legs, but that doesn't matter because the bond between them creates new ones.

The original Symbiote appears as a black, inky substance; one of the unique characteristics is that it never entirely appears the same, depending on who melds with it. In this "Flash" presentation, we're seeing what looks like black armor with spiked guarding. It almost appears to have taken on a rigid, scaly aspect in certain areas, conforming to mercenary, paramilitary-based needs.

He's an American-superhero agent, even one of the Secret Avengers; so how does he do it? Last time we checked, Venom's main interest was eating people and going into an uncontrollable rage. Well, it turns out that the process is very limited and defined; Flash has to be separated from the Symbiote after long periods of wear, just to keep his sanity. Coupled with a concoction of drugs for sedation, they keep the alien substance from going freaky on a Friday night!

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