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The Top 10 Greatest Spider-Man Suits

Spider-man is a LOUD and colorful character. He likes to arrive in an acrobatic display of ability and a zinging one-liner: That's his favorite method of attack! (Just don't break out the bazookas.)

In this countdown, you're going to see what the life of Peter Parker is like from the inside out. It's not always about beating the bad buy! No! Sometimes you gotta pay the bills, do the homework! And yes, sometimes you have to change your suit! That's why, right here, you're now going to be privileged with The Top 10 Greatest Suits of Spider-Man. These are costumes and gear he's used over the course of his adventures, the ones that made the pages and added to his fan base. Let's get things started off, beginning with number 10:

Spidey Suit #10: Spider of Steel 

Okay, okay. So it was clunky, bulky, and only lasted for one issue; still, though, Spider-Man never seems to escape the popularity of his Spider of Steel outfit. (To this day, it appears in his video games.) Made of heavier armor with higher level protection capabilities, it first (and only) appeared in Web of Spider-Man #100, where it was the key factor helping him battle against heavy armaments of The Enforcers.

Conceived as a protective coating, Peter Parker engineered this design. As grand as the notoriety it gained, the pseudo-metallic-sheened, silvery suit didn't make it to the final page; it was quickly disintegrated by a combination of acid spores, freezing, and crushing damage. Read More.

The Top 10 Costumes of Spider-Man is a Countdown provided by The Superheroes List, preparing Comic Book Fans for the upcoming movie, The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. If you're a Spider-Man enthusiast, join in and check out the fun as we sort through all his popular and, sometimes most wacky, Spidey designs.

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