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Scourge: Revealed

~Captain America #12 (2012)

In the latest issue of Captain America, we've finally learned who is hiding behind the visage of Scourge: it's Dennis Dunphy, who some might know of as Demolition Man.

D-Man's past is a bit muddled; he's in a state of flux and has served Marvel Comics as a superhero and villain. His first appearance was in The Thing #28 (1985), but he actually took his name during Captain America #328 (1987).

One theme that has surfaced in Dennis' history is his desire or need to be Captain America's ally. Apparently though, things have changed for the worst. Henry Gyrich, a man bent on revenge and extreme justice, has turned Dunphy into the Scourge of The Underword; now the one-time do-gooder is murdering anyone who gets in their way.

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