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Reed Richards of The Reich

~Fantastic Four #605.1 (2012)

The Fuhrer of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler, is not a foreign entity to villainy; he's been used across the globe, not just in comic books, but throughout the last half-century in cartoons, movies - you name it. In this case, though, he's the hook, the patsy, and that's what puts a unique twist on this villainous moment.

In this issue titled Origin Story, Hitler praises the Fantastic Four. Well, the Fantastic Three plus Ben Grimm, who is Jewish. That's why he's in chains; the Germans pulled him out of a labor camp and coerced him into using his piloting skills for the glory of the Homeland. Rocketing into the cosmos, Reed, Johnathan and Sue Sturm, and Ben were violated by those ill-fated Cosmic Rays, each gaining a unique set of powers.

So, who's the real villain? Oh, he's there; it's Doktor Reed Richards, half hidden behind The Fuhrer's visage.

Once again, we are treated to another installment of The Council of Reeds and The Bridge, a concept that has been evolving in the Fantastic Four adventures. If you're not familiar with the technology, Richards has built a device that allows him to travel to a time-space where other Richards are meeting; their goal is to solve all the problems of reality, right wrong, and basically meddle into affairs. Of course, it turns out that not all Reed Richards are good. This one featured in this issue destroyed his reality.

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