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Thanos Is Back!

~Avengers Assemble #3 (2012)

Here he is, everybody! And if you haven't seen The Avengers Movie, you might not appreciate the special importance of this Mad Titan, a being who has spawned multiple wars, killed millions of lives, and heralded quests for some of the most powerful objects in existence.

Thanos has returned in Avengers Assemble #3 and it's not a coincidence. You can bet your Infinity "Watch" that this has everything to do with the recent movie upheaval with Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Did you catch the Easter Egg at the end of Avengers? Did you recognize the face of that being sitting on his meteoric throne? That was no Skrull; that was Thanos! And that also guarantees that he'll be showing up in an Avenger Movie sequel.

If you're new to this purple, bulky entity, just know one thing; where Thanos walks, death is sure to follow!

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