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A Legion, Reformed Into Marvel NOW!


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Analysis: Marvel develop's Legion, Charles Xavier's son, but putting him at the center of his own title. If you're not familiar with David, he's a peculiar character. He actually has numerous powers, but each is controlled by a different personality. This means he's mentally corruptable.

The second major theme coming out of this comic book is about Blindfold, the time-sensitive mutant. She's calling herself David's nemesis, and is evolving into a character with an upgraded relationship to him. The X-Men Legacy title is another one of the early titles for X-Men characters. In it's pages, you'll note that Storm still has her original hairstyle and Beast hasn't mutated yet.

Right: The Cover of X-Men Legacy #1, part of Marvel NOW!

X-Men Legacy #1 (Surrounding the young man, David Haller aka Legion aka the son of Charles Xavier, we are awakened to an extremely bizarre story, where he had constructed his own psychic jail for all his personalities. While David stays with a group of mystics, one of his personalities attempts to free itself, causing a backlash. Elswhere in the world, the mutant Blindfold exclaims that the future has just changed. Meanwhile, David is told that the X-Men will be coming to help him, but he's not sure they will be friendly by an stretch.)
X-Men Legacy #2 (Continues from X-Men Legacy #1. All time and travel are a potential figment of imagination as David travels across the globe, possibly wrecking havoc. On his trail, the X-Men finally get a clue that it is him when Wolverine picks up his scent. Throughout the entire issue, though, Haller is wrestling with his inner demons, fighting for his own dominance over the personalities embedded in his psyche.)
X-Men Legacy #3 (Continues after X-Men Legacy #4, but after a period of undisclosed time. David is now in Japan after using his telepathy to arrange safe travel. Once there, he is beset by a psychic raven and captured. He wakes up and finds himself in the presence of a strange clan revering Wolverine's former great nemesis, Ogun. The two mutants he came to free are being used by this clan to attack enemies. They attempt to kill David, but in the midst of the lengthy psychic battle, he manages to captured one of his mental identities, gaining the power of plasmic fire. He frees himself, fends off the clan, and compels the twins to come with him. At the end of the issue, though, Wolverine, Storm and the X-Men find him.)
X-Men Legacy #4 (Follows immediately from X-Men Legacy #3. Notably, The Beast does not appear to have transformed into his new form yet. Legacy tries to parley the X-Men, but Wolverine moves to fight. Systematically, with the help of the twins, he begins capturing necessary personalities and using their powers to stop them. Blindfold makes an attempt to stop him, ejecting the twins from his mind, but later in the process, he causes her psychic trauma and knocks her out. They escape to a building, but it houses lots of ammo. Chamber decides to attack without realizing the amount of damage. Before the twins can be killed, Legacy captures a personality and uses its power to fold space. He gets away and the X-Men take in the twins. When Legacy returns, he notices the mysterious floating eyes that have been previously haunting him. On the X-Men's ship, Sojobo, the male twin, appears to know more than he's saying. His eyes are missing.)
X-Men Legacy #5 (Continues from X-Men Legacy #4. David, now using more and more of his powers, travels psychically to Blindfold's body and probes her subconscious. He learns the history of her origin, mother, father, and brother, Luca, including the torment she's endured over the years until she came to the school. As he gets closer to helping her, though, he's suddenly rebuffed as Sojobo walks into Blindfold's room. He awakens from his psychic trance and sees Karasu with a knife at his throat. Suddenly, he realizes what's happening, Luca has been masterminding Blindfold's death since the beginning of this adventure and he's taken over Sojobo's body.)
X-Men Legacy #6 (Continues immediately from X-Men Legacy #5. Beat appears, and it looks more like his old form before the new mutation. The fight is on at the School, X-Men are facing pyschic manifestations while David is facing Karaus with a knife. Capturing a power, he teleports to Sojobo and stops him from killing Blindfold. Sojobo is actually Luca, Blindfold's dead brother and he has part of her power, able to see millions of possibilities. Their battle moves them to a scene where Karasu tries to block David again. Suddenly though, and entity in David's mind captures him and forces him to strike Karasu without remorse. She survives, but Luca attempts to show the other X-Men that David is a killer. Suddenly, Blindfold appears and stabs him in the back. Luca's eyes flee - that's the only way to explain it. As the issue concludes, David attempts to understand Blindfold and make amends. At the last panel, though, we learn that the entity that controlled him was atually Charles Xavier, his dad.)

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