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Cable and X-Force Have "Visions of Futility" in Marvel NOW!


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Analysis: Nate and his team are attempting to stop a future based on visions he's been having. This will put them against other heroes and the Uncanny Avengers, including Havok, making them more more like rogue-outlaws. Since there are references to Scott Summers having just burned the world, this will be best right after the previous mentioned title.

Cable and X-Force #1 (Havok and Captain America are now performing in their roles as Uncanny Avengers, so this issue fits after that title in the chronology. Although, the picture of Cap seems to be his old costume. In the midst of an attack, Havok, Captain America, and their new team realize that Cable, Colossus, and others have perpetrated the violence. Before they can get answers, though, Cable takes a shot and the team teleports out. The story then flashes back to a few day earlier where Hope manages to locate and convince Domino to take him to her father. With Nate is Forge and the newly-recruited Dr. Nemesis. She embraces her dad, but then has a fever-pitched vision of impending destruction. For some reason, Cable is not reacting well to the legacy-virus cure, and this is a symptom. In the last few shots, though, the vision Hope had is appearing on the TV screen.)
Cable and X-Force #2 (Continues from Cable and X-Force #1, but noticeably shows us that the Colossus doesn't have full control of his powers anymore. Returning from another murderous mission, Colossus has a fit that Cable is keeping secrets and manipulating him. Cable and him fight, but his powers are disabled. The story then goes into a flashback with a transmode virus attack where Domino and Hope Summers attempt to stave the infection and save as many people as they can. Back at base, Cable can't go because he's having emergency brain surgery; that's when we learn he's dying. In the last few pages of the flashback, it shows us where Cable recruits Colossus. The story also shows us that a mysterious villain is very interested in Cable and is involved in the transmode virus.)
Cable and X-Force #3 (Continues from Cable and X-Force #2, noting that the Uncanny Avengers, with Havok, have already formed. Hope awakens to Havok and government teams at her house. They bring her in for questioning, asking what's going on with Cable and his intentions. The story then goes into a long flashback where his premonitions center on the Eat-More Corporation and a virus that only kills humans. They peg the affliction on the billionaire business-owner and make plans to go in and remove the virus before it can spread. Forge, however, gets captured while setting up surveillance. Back at their base, Forge decides to send Hope home, but the teleport shuts down, trapping Domino with her, before she can get back. Outside, it turns out that mechs have assembled and are attacking. Cable, Forge, and Dr. Nemesis use teleporters to hit the Eat-More Corporation, but learn that something is wrong. When they blast their way in, the virus has already taken effect.)
Cable and X-Force #4 (Continues the existing story arc. The issue jumps around in the timeline a lot, but basically explains that they subdued the people infected with the Girth Virus and blew up the factory. Cable learns that a few trucks got away, and he has Dr. Nemesis work on a cure. Unfortunately the virus is extremely complex and the only thing he has that will work also kills the human host. Colossus wants no part of killing and tries at every attempt to avoid that consequence. As Nemesis continues working on his cure, though, one of the experiments fails and creates a super-hybrid mutation that Cable forces him to kill. Elsewhere, the news has fully blamed Cable and his mutant forces.)
Cable and X-Force #5 (Continues from issue #4. After the previous adventure, the team appears to have split up and is assembling in Mexico, near the Border. Colossus and Domino have a drinking sessions which winds up into a one-night stand. Dr. Nemesis and Forge have some video game fun, which turns into a special mutant-based addition of Robo-Monkey vs. Mega Scorpion. The main story, however, is about Cable as he apologizes to Hope and heads south. On the way, he has another blackout-vision. Once he arrives, he meets and brings Domino, Nemesis, and Forge on board. Peter, however, is not there; he's turned himself into the Mexican authorities.)

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  1. Captain America is in his old costume because chronologically, this occurs before Avengers #1-#3, as Uncanny Avengers is the first story in Marvel Now immediately following Avengers vs X-Men.