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Thanos Rising


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Analysis: With the end of the Avengers Movie of 2012, we got an Easter Egg glimpse of their next big super-villain: It's going to be Thanos. He's always been popular since the Infinity Gauntlet story, having swooned Death and the near-destruction of the Universe. In Marvel NOW!, they're rebuilding his fandom. This 5-part mini-series is designed to draw new readers and prepare us for the next Avengers movie installment.
Thanos Rising #1 (Part 1 of a 5-part story. Thanos walks on his homeworld, Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, and begins remembering his childhood. He was born with a genetic mutation that made his skin purple; when his mother first saw him, she became insane and tried to kill him. She ended up in a solitary mental institution. As he grew, he became one of the smartest students; he also became frinds with Argus and Cythera. Later, a strange young girl approaches him one day and tells him about a cave; he takes his two friends there and it collapses on them. Buried alive, he tries to claw his way to freedom for days. Once he gets to an opening, he finds his friends eaten to the bone by lizards. He makes it back to civilization and the strange girl is there again, convincing him that he has something he needs to do. Thanos later returns to the cave and begins enacting retribution, killing all the lizards in the cave.)

Thanos Rising #2 (Part 2. Now in his teenage years, Thanos cravingly looks for the answer to life's mystery: a purpose. He's become the most gifted, most brilliant, in the school's history, even surpassing his teachers. But the strange girl is ever watching, influencing, and advising; even though he dissects small creatures, it isn't enough. He doesn't understand love. Convinced or manipulated, he captures two youths engaged in romance. He dissects them, completely the first murders on Titan since times long past. As people begin disappearing, no one truly suspects a crime, but his mother broods that she knows him. The same strange girl, whom he feels may offer him love, rebuffs him and says that he's actually found what he needs. He denies it at first, but later realizes that killing is what makes him complete. At the end of the issue, he plans on searching that aspect of his life more fully; he captures his mother and prepares to dissect her.)

Thanos Rising #3 (Part 3. After killing his mother, Thanos leaves to the outer rim of the galaxy and begins looking for "truth". He ends up joining a group of Space Pirates, using his wits to help them gain loot. Unfortunately, the Captain of the group hates him because he won't kill. Throughout the issue, Thanos mates and makes offspring with many alien races, but never finds love. Near the end, the Captain attempts to kill him, but Thanos in a moment of bliss, opens his eyes and realizes he's killed his enemy. The issue then resumes to where Thanos is walking on the dead moon Titan, staring over his mother's grave. The woman who has always haunted him from youth, surprisingly, is also there. Thanos professes his love for her, but she says he'll have to give himself to her fully. There can be no others. And that's when Thanos begins tracking down all his previous mates and children, killing them for her.)

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