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Wolverine and Shanna are Savaged!


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Analysis: With Marvel NOW!, Wolverine is going to get a lot of titles. Savage Wolverine just happens to be one of them, the main theme being his more bestial nature. In this first story arc and plot, he's dropped into The Savage Land and meets with Shanna, the She-Devil and Amadeus Cho. Their character development is also important to the evolution of this huge event.

Savage Wolverine #1 (No chronological markers, but this appears to be an encounter best left towards the end of this event.. This issue could be moved at a later date. Guest-starting Shanna of The Jungle, Logan plops into The Savage Land and finds himself on a cursed island that won't let him leave. He tracks his way to a downed SHIELD aircraft and encounters Shanna who tells him that she was aiding a mapping mission when they lost power. For eight months, she and the SHIELD operatives have been trying to survive. Now, she is the only one left. She also tells Logan that they located an ancient machine in the mountain that they were going to explode. He takes the explosive and pockets it, suddenly they are attacked by "Reapers". Wolverine takes one out, but is plummeting to earth as this issue ends.)
Savage Wolverine #2 (Continues immediately from Savage Wolverine #1. After Logan hits the ground, he and Shanna still have to fight their way to survival. The issue goes indepth into how well the two work together. In the meantime, Amadeus Cho appears in the Savage Land out of nowhere and begins to "survive" his way to a tribal chief, where he can learn what's happening. He uses his technical powers to appear as a diety.)
Savage Wolverine #3 (Continues from the previous issue with an undefined break. Cho questions the tribal elder and learns that the Forbidden Island houses a sleeping creature called a "Dark Walker". The tribe, throughout the ages, has been tasked with killing interlopers who might try to awaken it. Cho also learns of Wolverine's and Shanna's presence; he leads part of the tribe to them while they are engaged in battle, just as Shanna gets a mortal wound and Wolverine gets thrown over the cliff. Cho attempts to rescue Shanna, but the elder's medicine is not powerful enough. He suggests a special ritual. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the cliff, Wolverine gets up and is furious, threatening to kill everything on the island.)
Savage Wolverine #4 (Continues from the previous issue. Cho and the tribal chief move Shanna's body to a sacred area and finds a Man-Thing resting within. Using part of it's natural power, Shanna is resurrected; now she is bonded to the Savage Land with increased strength, speed, and powers. Slightly confused, Cho explains to her the reason the island exists; that's when she takes off, worried that Wolverine might detonate the bomb and free the imprisoned alien. Arriving just in time at the pyramid, she stops Wolverine from making a fatal error. But in the midst of their victory, another being appears: The Hulk!)
Savage Wolverine #5 (Continues immediately from the previous issue. No one knows from what place or time the Hulk came from, but he does seem to recognize Cho and the others. Amadeus convinces both Hulk and Wolverine to stand down; as they back away, though, a huge ape attacks Hulk. Shanna takes out the gorilla and Logan stabs Hulk in the head. You have to wonder if something like that would kill the green guy, but it doesn't. Because of the battling, the monstrosity within is now freed. Hulk reappears and grabs the bomb from Shanna; he leaps with it towards the monster, but is smacked away towards the ocean and eaten by a huge sea creature before he lands. The Cthulu-like creature than flies towards the sky and is seen leaving the galaxy where it arrives on a planetoid-like craft. We then learn it is a herald of the god-like creature Visher-Rakk, and has found its master a new galaxy to devour.)

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