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Sif Is The Berserker


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Analysis: Lady Sif is one of the interesting characters of Asgard that Marvel has decided to give more substance. Although her future remains unwritten, she's the center of the Journey Into Mystery titles at the onset of Marvel NOW! The plot is actually her origin, and turns out to be critical in her development.

Journey Into Mystery #646 (This issue has no chronological marker, but is bound to events on Asgard. Lady Sif stars as the warrior-woman, having survived Surtur's attack. She begins to question what Asgard has become and goes on a quest that leads her to the doorstep of Nidhogg the Corpse Eater. She gives him a tribute for information; she seeks more power. Following his clues, she finds Aerdis the Teacher and convinces her to bequeath the berserker incantation. Before Aerndis can leave, however, Sif decapitates her. Later, she is seen in a bar on earth, wanting to deal more death...)
Journey Into Mystery #647 (Continues from Journey Into Mystery #646 with no other chronological markers. Lady Sif broods over her insurmountable unease at a bar. She returns to Asgardia and begins acting erratic, even harming Fandral and one of Volstaggs' daughters. When Volstagg here's of this, he angers, but his wife convinces him to speak to Heimdall who is Sif's brother. Heimdall confronts Sif and he learns that she has used the Berserker Incantation. She battles him and strikes a dangerous blow; in response, he sends her to another dimension or land, facing a huge creature.)
Journey Into Mystery #648 (Continues from Journey Into Mystery #647, but also shows the Superior version of Spider-Man at the end. This means that the issue resolves after Superior Spider-Man #1. Therefore, The next issue of Journey Into Mystery will take place then. Sif battles the Robot Moster and though the fight is bloody, she completely skewers it. As soon as it ends, though, she is attacked by Einhar, Bodvar, and Svip, three Berserkers, not unlike herself. They explain that, long ago, Odin commissioned 100 Berserkers to pledge their life and fight in this strange land, keeping non-Asgardian monsters out. After defeating them, Sif hears this tale and decides to lead them against the greatest monster in the realm. A Black Lake creature. She attacks, but soon thereafter, all of them are pulled in. The journey leads them through a strange vortex, ending up in New York where they come face to face with the new, Superior, version of Spider-Man.)
Journey Into Mystery #649 (Continues from Journey Into Mystery #648. With quick exchanges, SIf and her team, with Spider-Man, begin fighting a race of Spider-creatures who also came through the vortex. They dispatch their foes, but all across the world, monsters from the dimension, which followed Sif to Midgard, are appearing. The world's heroes are working at taking them down as soon as they show up, but Sif is concerned with getting him. She manages to get a message to Asgardia where Heimdall sends Bifrost to pick her up. As soon as she gets there, though, she attacks, appearing to sever his head.)
Journey Into Mystery #650 (Continues from the previous issue. It turns out that the slain being is not Heimdall at all, but a golem of some sort. Sif and her mean travel to Asgardian and finally met her true brother who says she had no sanction to return. She goes to visit Aerndis and finds a shrivaled old witch who tells her that it was all her and the Berserker Charm was a trick. She just need the license to kill. Lastly, she shows Sif some strands of the black lake and tells her that the monster and it are one, needing to be fed. The story then goes to Broxton where Svip is in Berserker Fury; Sif then realizes that he's betrayed his people, often feeding the Black Lake Monster his own kin. Using the strands she obtained, she shoves the last bits in Svip's mouth and he's sucked away. The story then shifts to March where Sif and the remaining members of her team settle down to mortal pleasures.)

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