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The Indestructible Hulk, Agent of SHIELD


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~Excerpt from Indestructible Hulk #5 (2013), part of Marvel NOW!

Analysis: Hulk, once a rampaging monster, it now a tool of SHIELD. Maria Hill and Bruce Banner have someone worked out a method for pointing the gamma-empowered behemoth in villainous directions for purposes of good. The main way we can tell if it's old Hulk or new Hulk is the armor he's wearing.

Indestructible Hulk #1 (Banner mentions that the Avengers faced the X-Men approximately one month ago. The Hulk now appears to be briefly separated from the Avengers again, starting with this issue. Meeting with SHIELD Director Maria Hill, Bruce Banner makes a pitch for their organization to use the Hulk as a weapon. In return, he wants a super-lab with state of the art equipment. To prove his worth, Banner is "aimed" at The Mad Thinker and dismantles his hideout and weapons. By the end of the issue, Ms. Hill decides to hire Banner on for future assignments.)
Indestructible Hulk #2 (Continues from Indestructible Hulk #1, but points out that Stark and Banner have separated and not seen much of each other, which may mean this issue and title could be moved in the future. Iron Man shows up at the SHIELD facility, looking for a reason why Maria Hill would employ Banner. She lets him look in on Bruce, and the two geniuses share a bonding moment. Banner has Tony escort him out to area where he can show off one of his inventions, but it turns into a brawl as, secretly, he Hulks out, and takes on Iron Man. The invention being tested, a gamma fracker, goes off an explodes, and the fight is over. By the end, Maria breaks in to communications and tells Stark that Banner is needed for a mission.)
Indestructible Hulk #3 (Follows Indestructible Hulk #2 after an unknown period. In the backdrop of finding a lab team to work with Dr. Banner, his next SHIELD mission is to replace a man named Professor Burke before AIM can extract him. Once captured, the villain named Colin Thirty-Three comes forth to find Banner becoming the Hulk. SHIELD then breaks in on the AIM operations, but not before Thirty-Three finishes his master plan, becoming The Quintronic Man. He fights Hulk, but, hey, this is the Hulk, and loses. Once Banner awakens, he's back in a hospital bed. Maria Hill tells him he'll be working with a bot that records all his actions. On the last panel, the bot gets smashed by a green hand when she leaves.)
Indestructible Hulk #4 (Continues from issue #3 after an undisclosed period, but points out that Banner makes weekly calls to Director Hill. This coordinates with the She-Hulk title here. Banner is now set up in a remote, desolate town with only his lab assistants, as promised by SHIELD. Maria Hill calls him away, though, once Attuma attacks the oceans with legendary creatures of Lemuria. Banner is transported to a Chinese underwater-version of the Helicarrier where he is armored and transformed into the Hulk. Indestructible as he may be, though, Attuma uses the undersea to his advantage, dragging Hulk further and further below.)
Indestructible Hulk #5 (Continues shortly after the previous issue. Although about to die, Hulk is freed by Rebel Lemurian forces. He changes back to Banner and assesses the situation, learning that Attuma is using Lemurian Alchemy to make the Universal Solvent. An acid, he'll use it to destroy the surface world population and take over Atlantis. Changing back to Hulk, the Lemurian Rebels lead a small raid on Attuma's base. The Hulk is swallowed by a gigantic monster, but it doesn't stop him. He reaches Attuma and throws him in the monster's maw. At the end, having saved the day, Banner leaves the Lemurians behind, but takes a Lemurian artifact with him.)

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