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Analysis: The next part of the mutant equation stirs up with Scott Summers freeing himself from prison. None of the other titles reflect this news, except for the All-New X-Men title which, focuses on his evolution as a premise for bringing his past self to the present. Jean Grey is also important to this story; let's remember that in the present, she is dead after her encounter with the Phoenix Force. Special Note: It is highly recommended that you read AvX: Consequences #1-5 before continuing.

066 All-New X-Men #1 (Scott Summers is now free and searching for other mutants, which makes this issue a great part of the Marvel NOW! intro. In the opening scenes, we see that Hank McCoy is beginning to mutate once again; this time, he is not sure he will survive the process. The major plot, though, enacts some time after Scott Summer's prison break. Kitty, Iceman, and Storm are discussing media reports that Summers is finding new mutants and pulling them out of the grasp of the authorities. Searching for a solution, Hank McCoy comes upon an idea and travels back in time to the original X-Men team. He tells a younger Scott Summers that he needs him and the team in the future.) 
All-New X-Men #2 (Continues from All-New X-Men #1. After more arguing, Hank finally convinces the young X-Men to return to his time. When they arrive, they're stunned by the visage of the Jean Grey School. Wolverine and the other mutants are quick to react, but Beast collapses from his mutation first. While pondering over his condition, the young X-Men team decides to locate a newly revealed mutant; they steal a Blackbird and head there, half anticipating an encounter with the revolutionary, Scott Summers of this time.)

All-New X-Men #3 (Continues from All-New X-Men #2. Centering on Scott Summers from the present day, he takes Magneto and Magik to the Weapon X facility as their base of operations. Then they head to a convoy where they free Emma Frost. But something is wonky now, Cyclop and Magneto's powers are not working correctly. Neither is Emma's. They manage to escape capture and later reappear at the location of a new mutant capable of shifting his appearance. While there, Scott's team comes face to face with the original X-Men group of the past, including his former self!) 
All New X-Men #4 (Continues from issue #3. Noticeably, Storm and Wolverine are present. Terrorist Cyclops freaks out once he sees Teenager Cyclops and begins blasting away. Jean Grey begins losing it when she starts reading the thoughts of the future Cyclops and realizes it's really him. In response, she also lashes out psychically. With all the chaos impending, Magneto decides to have Magik teleport them out. The Teenager X-Men return to the school and look for answers; at the Terrorists headquarters, Scott and Magneto try to do the same thing. In the meantime, The Beast is dying, and in the middle of a cardiac arrest.)

All New X-Men #5(Continues from issue #4. Trying to save Beast, Jean Grey creates a psychic link for younger McCoy to confer to his present self. Together, the two find the mutation anomaly and work to halt the aberration. Meanwhile, Scott locates the new, shape-shifting mutant and convinces him to join for awhile. His calls his base The Xavier School for the Gifted. The Beast is now okay, but his appearance has shifted some. With that settled, the young X-Men are about to return; that's when Jean refuses. They take a vote and decide to stay, at least until the matter is fully settled.) 
All New X-Men #6 (Continues from issue #5. The team is going through adjustment difficulties and Cyclops heads out on a motorbike to gather information and put himself together. Jean Grey, meanwhile is dealing with her new telepathy, and Warren finally meets himself, and his other self's metal wings. Elsewhere, Raven Darkholme aka Mystique sees an image of the young Cyclops and calls her team together to get a closer look.) 
All New X-Men #7 (Continues from issue #6> Beast is mutated, but Storm does not yet have her new hair-style. Centering on Scott Summers, he heads to a bank deposit box and meets Raven Darkholme aka Mystique. She appears to him as Wolverine, but quickly reveals herself. They have a long discussion about his future and what he should do about his present-day self. Raven leaves and the real Wolverine finds him and takes him back to the school. Once Scott sees Jean again, he hands her a wedding invitation. It was theirs, and resided in the safety deposit box when he opened it.) 
All-New X-Men #8 (Continues from All-New X-Men #7. The Avengers appear here in their new uniforms, even though Hulk is absent his SHIELD-based armor. This title is now being pushed after the Avengers and New Avengers title. Centering on both new and old versions of the Angel, Warren is trying to figure out how he turned into this newer version. But before he can get answers, Avengers Tower is attacked by Hydra. They stop the intruders, but meet the Avengers face to face; that's where Captain America learns that Beast pulled them out of the timestream. Cap confronts Beast at the Jean Grey school, leaving with few answers and a disgruntled look. Meanwhile, the young version of Warren tried to manipulate the time technology to get back home, but is stopped by his classmates, including Jean Grey with her mental powers. Jean seems a little forceful nowadays.)

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