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An Uncanny X-Force Reborn


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Analysis: Led by Ororo and Psylocke, the offshoot success that followed Uncanny X-Force in the past has now been revitalized with a face-lift. The jury will be out for awhile as these two femmes recruit Puck, bring back Fantomex and his clone lover, and maybe even recruit Bishop and Spiral, to the fold. Please note the first issue in this arc is Wolverine and The X-Men #24. This is intentional because it establishes Storm's old, but new, Mohawk hairstyle.

Wolverine and The X-Men #24 (Occurs after the events in All-New X-Men because Beast is now mutated and the time-travelled X-Men have decided to stay with The Jean Grey School of Higher Learning. In an attempt to reveal a series of relationships, this issue shows Ororo attaining the Mohawk and getting romantic with Wolverine. Kid Omega finds telepathic friendship, and some desire, when he finally meets Jean Grey. Bobby and Kitty go out, but it's so boring that they decide to switch gears and use their powers to have one of their best dates ever. And lastly, Idie is still heart-broken about Broo's critical condition, but suddenly he wakes up and attacks!)
Uncanny X-Force #1 (The key element from this issue is Storm's haircut. She's now sporting the mohawk. Also, Betsy asks her about her romance with Wolverine. Right now, the best placement for this is behind Wolverine and The X-Men #24. An origin-based issue, it starts off centered on Betsy Braddock aka Psylocke who can't find her place among the world's mutants anymore. Wolverine prompts her to leave the Jean Grey school and Storm decides to play babysitter and follow her around while she follows a mission. She ends up at a California bar where Puck, formerly of Alpha Flight, is residing. He points her to the dealer of a new drug called Tao. When Storm and Psylocke look, they realize it's Spiral. Psylocke immediately goes on the attack while Storm and Puck check out her vault. As these events transpire, the issue cuts to France where Fantomex and his clone, Cluster are in the middle of a job. They escape and we see that he and her are romantically involved.)
Uncanny X-Force #2 (Continues immediately from Uncanny X-Force #1. They fight continues with Spiral attempting to get away with the newest mutant. This girl appears to have some form of psychic influence and the six-armed ninja doesn't want to let her go. Meanwhile, across the city, Bishop has appeared from the end of time. He's more feral - something's really changed in him. Betsy and Ororo continue their fight with Puck at their side and finally find where Spiral has holed up. Suddenly Bishop explodes unto the scene. And he's after the new mutant girl, as well.) 
Uncanny X-Force #3 (Continues from the previous issue. Betsy wakes up next to Storm and Bishop is gone. After a quick debriefing, though, they have Puck free Spiral and teleport to Ginny's location. It turns out to be a subway. From the darkness, Bishop strikes. Spiral uses the battle to grab Ginny and teleport into a Subway train. Betsy hits Bishop with her psychic knife attack, but suddenly enters his mind. Inside, it's a confusing world of psychic dangers. She's trapped.)
Uncanny X-Force #4 (Continues immediately from the previous issue. Betsy fights a strange Owl and Bear in Bishops mind, but is knocked out before she can truly arm herself. Meanwhile, Spiral and Ginny are found; the enraged Bishop faces her as explosions go off. Fantomex and his female clone are not far off; they're about to arrive in the area until Dark Fantomex appears and begins battle. Storm revives Betsy as she's expelled from Bishop's mind; they locate the battle but are too late; Bishop wins and Ginny disappears. They all witness a "Ghost Owl" visage in the wake. Puck knocks a newly-aware-but-confused Bishop out, but no one truly understands what just happened. At the end, Ginny is at a bar; the Ghost Owl image burns on her forehead and she calling herself a  four thousand years old.)
Uncanny X-Force #5 (Continues from the previous issue. With Storm at her side, Betsy psychically enters Biship's mind and reveals a "past future" where he becomes a member of "The Order". Revenants, vampire-like creatures who infect humans, run rampant and he becomes a hunter. In this mind, which Betsy and Storm are trying to repair, Bishop is trapped by the Ghost Owl who turns out to be the Queen of the Revenants. Learning this, Betsy reveals the Demon Bear, which is a crucial entity and element in repairing Bishop's mind. All this is going on while, externally, Puck gets drunk with Spiral. As they are getting liquored, Dark Fantomex steals Betsy's body.)

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