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Spidey's Superior Secret


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~Excerpt from Superior Spider-Man #4 (2013), part of Marvel NOW!

Analysis:  lot has happened with Peter Parker, which you're about to find out. This section is being provided as a starting point for this "new" version of the Wall-Crawler. Included are issues which will give you the necessary background to understand how it all happened. One more note: if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read any further. Some of you are going hang up your web-shooters!

Optional Amazing Spider-Man #700 (Provides background. Not an official NOW! event, but important because it leads up to Superior Spider-Man #1. Doc Ock, actually Peter Parker in mind, escapes prison and leads Hydro-man, Scorpion, and Trapster to his secret headquarters. There he starts a new plan to get his body back. If you missed previous issues, Ock's mind is in Spidey's body. Eventually, he encounters Spider-Man at the Avenger's Mansion and all the villains battle. Octopus tries to use the same technology that was used on him, but Spider-Man has a counter put in place. The mission fails. Spider-Man, with Dr. Octopus's brain patterns, watches as his nemesis dies, but during the process is overwhelmed by a faint neural link between them, showing him Peter's true goodness and responsibility. As Parker's mind, inside Doc Ock, dies, he pleads with Spider-Man to do good. And in the last few shots, Spidey says he will now be a truly "Superior" Spider-Man!)
Optional Avenging Spider-Man #15.1 (Follows ASM #700. Not an official NOW! event. This story is a lead-up to Superior Spider-Man #1 and shows the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man reinventing himself with the genius of Otto Octavius, the former super-villain, Doctor Octopus, now controlling his body.)

Superior Spider-Man #1 (Follows ASM #700 and the rest of the Spidey titles as Otto Octavius begins his career. Now embracing his role as Spider-Man, Otto finds himself face to face with a new version of the Sinister Six with Boomerang, Speed Demon, The Living Brain, Shocker, Beetle, and Overdrive. The only difference is that he's less restricted by morals. Instead of a full fight, he slashes Boomerang, installing micro-tracers on him, and runs off. Throughout the issue, it's obvious that Parker's behavior is more brash, but it hasn't yet caught up to Mary Jane or his associates at Horizon Labs. Through his spying, he takes on the Sinister Six one more time, but now he's fully prepared and trapped the area. He fully defeats them, becoming more and more impulsive. As he's about to kill Boomerang, though, something stops him. On the last page, we learn that Pete is still, somehow, alive in his body, and trying to regain control.)
Superior Spider-Man #2 (Continues from Superior Spider-Man #1 with no other external markers. The new Parker is stuck in a rut. His main dilemma this issue is his attempt to snag Mary Jane Watson back into his arms. Unfortunately, he can't seem to get together with her. After a series of decent dates, he finds himself no closer to her than before. And finally, while in the midst of defending her from an attack on her Nightclub - a former lair for the Vulture - Peter realizes that the reason they can't be together is because of the duality of him being Parker and Spider-Man. Carly, who is staying with MJ hears all this by the end of the issue and realizes that something is wrong with Peter; she also recounts Doc Ock saying the same thing.)

Optional Daredevil #22 (Not Bannered. This issue of Daredevil is an optional read because it guest-starts the Superior Spider-Man. For some reason, Spidey wants to bring Matt Murdock, or Daredevil in, but while the two are fighting, Stilt-Man happens by and is spotted. They both begin fighting the villain and later make amends.)
Optional Avenging Spider-Man #16 (Does not have the Marvel NOW! Banner, but has the "Join The Revolution" banner. Observing the Beast in this issue, it seems like he's still in his old form and hasn't had his new mutation. Spider-Man teams up with The X-Men to fight a gigantic spider in Manhattan. As Beast scans it, it appears to have three different DNA codes: Spider. Mutant. Human. The X-Men try to take over, but Spider-Man is now run by a brazen and more violent Doc Ock and he ends up using physics as a means to take it out. Wolverine senses that something is up with his Spidey, and the two actually have a brawl that ends up questionable. The Spider reverts to a human form, but Rachel can't sense a mind. That's when Spider-Man realizes it's a genetic clone and figures out that this is the handiwork of The Jackal.)

Superior Spider-Man #3 (Continues from Superior Spider-Man #2, but falls well within the boundaries of the optional issues and is placed here. Spidey is now tasked by Jameson to hunt down Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture. At the same time, Parker's "spirit" is becoming more actively awakened and able to access Otto's memories. He uses this ability to study Ock's relationship to Vulture. In the meantime, Carly Cooper is raising her suspicions as she's tasked to work with Spider-Man for clues. Spidey leaves her to and finds Vultures lair, where he fights minions. Too late, though, he strikes one and realizes he nearly killed an urchin. Furious at Vulture, he goes straight for him, both taking to the skies. The fight is dangerous and Spidey hurtles Vulture nearly to his death. Carly becomes even more suspicious.)
Superior Spider-Man #4 (Continues from issue #3. In the midst of his new career as Spider-Man, Octavius realizes that Parker never gained an advanced degree. This infuriates him and he sets up classes at Empire University. In the meantime, Ravencroft has a breakout once more; this time, it's Massacre, a man who promised Spidey that he'd never take another life. Spider-Man is tasked to looking for him, but at the same time, we learn that Green Goblin is in the area...and he wants to play.)
Superior Spider-Man #5 (Continues from issue #4. Spidey-Ock is hunting down Massacre, but in the back of his mind, the real Parker is watching and commenting, albeit nobody but us is hearing it. Using Horizon Labs scientist Uatu Jackson, face recognition software is loaded into the Spider-bots. Although he takes a detour from his "responsibilities" by studying with a tutor, Spiday locates Massacre and stops the villain, including a technique of neutralizing future hostages from the battle. In the end, though, the amazing thing is that he kills Massacre instead of turning him over to authorities. Great issue with lots of questions.)

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