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The Invincible Iron Man: Armor vs. Armor


Choose The Best Iron Man Suit

~A small sample of the Iron Man suits. Excerpt from Iron Man #255 (1987).

Well, there's only a month left before everyone on the block will be racing to see the Iron Man 3 movie. It releases May 3rd in the United States and there have been lots of good hype and teasers. To get in the spirit of Tony Stark and his infamous tin can extravaganza, let's talk about Armor!

Which Armor do you like the most? Is it his traditional Crimson and Gold dress, some variation, or one of the radical styles that we've seen throughout the decades. It's been 50 years since that grey bucket of bolts walked forth and he never looked back since.

Are you ready? Head Over Here And Vote! This is a poll with nothing technical but your comic book expertise and know-how. You can be as detailed or as "obvious" as you like. Tell everyone which armor you like above the rest. Who knows, maybe Marvel will get the hint.

The Invincible Iron Man: Armor vs. Armor is a Prepare For Battle feature provided by The Superheroes List . This is quarterly submission where you get to vote, comment, or upgrade the article with your own submission. It never stays the same once you've participated.

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