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Deadpool vs. The Dead Presidents


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~Excerpt from Deadpool #6 (2013), part of Marvel NOW!.

Analysis: You can't expect too much out of Deadpool because you're never sure what's really happening or if he's just hallucinating. Either way, The Avengers that appear during this story are all dressed in their earliest garb and that means this story arc occurs early in the event.

Deadpool #1 (There are no chronological markers in this issue. A hippie-necromancer is in Independence, Missouri and begins his quest to raise dead Presidents from the grave. As he is raising dead Harry Truman, Captain America captures him. Unfortunately, he teleports away. Cap has to face the dead President, and unexpectedly, decapitates him. At SHIELD, Agent Preston is given the task of figuring out how to put the other dead Presidents down. Since Captain America doesn't fit well for public relations, she hires Deadpool to do this job. As he appears during a dead President's meeting, he fights, but eventually gets shot by dead Lincoln, from behind. The dead Presidents then decide to draft legislation and destroy the country.)
Deadpool #2 (Continues, after a brief respite, from Deadpool #1. Wade is "recovering" after being shot in the head and that's when the ghost of Ben Franklin appears and offers to assist. Elsewhere, Presidents Washington and John F. Kennedy have the necromancer captured and are forcing him to raise them an undead army. Back at SHIELD, Agent Prescott finds Wade a new mission, take out undead Theodore Roosevelt. Wade happily goes into battle, armed with new knowledge from Franklin, and finishes the job. Afterwards, he decides to head to the home of Doctor Strange, seeing if some magic will help.)
Deadpool #3 (Continues from Deadpool #2. Wade, Ben Franklin's ghost, and Agent Prescott are in the home of Doctor Strange, finally convincing him to aid with his magics. Using the Eye of Agamotto, he locates the Necromancer and eventually teleports the group in while they are torturing the old fool for an undead army. Wade gets to unleash ...more death...and one-liners while their battle finally ends up by Dead Nixon and the Watergate Hotel. Before Doctor Strange finishes, he enchants a sword for Wade that will kill ghosts; he also learns a secret about him, but it isn't revealed to the reader. Lastly, it turns out the Necromancer was a former SHIELD employee. Now Wade plans on taking the fight to the ghost with his new advantages.)
Deadpool #4 (Continues from Deadpool #3. Wade continues to breach the fourth wall as he takes on a whole host of dead presidents, from Truman to Van Buren to John F. Kennedy. Each one is a parady of antics and comedy set-ups. The final showdown of the issue occurs between Deadpool and Lincoln in a boxing-wrestling match, but finally Deadpool wins. On the last page, it's a matter of space; Dead President Reagan is up there on the Russian Space Station.) 011 Deadpool #5 (Continues from Deadpool #4. After learning that the ghost of Reagan is out in space attempting to launch Russian missiles, Wade is teleported there by Michael the Necromancer. He takes on the ex-President and after much witty banter, saves the day. Back on earth in the debriefing, Preston gives Wade the "Thumbs Up" until ex-President Washington teleports in, following Michael's trail. Caught off guard, he snaps Preston's neck and takes out Wade. Micheal reacts as quickly as he can and teleports them near the Washington Monument.)
Deadpool #6 (Continues from Deadpool #5, and has a scene where the Avengers show up. Noticeably, they are all in older uniforms, pushing the Deadpool series way back in the reading order. The confrontation finally ends up at Washington D.C. where Washington has a sphere of death surrounding him as he brings about an undead army. Somehow, Wade gets in and survives. He pulls Washington's head off, retrieves the sword, and saves the day. The avengers arrive shortly thereafter and quarantine the perimeter. The surprise ending shows that Michael the Necromancer actually put Preston's spirit in Deapool's body. Now he's truly of two minds.)

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