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Black Widow's Ledger


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~Excerpt from Avengers Assemble #13 (2013), part of Marvel NOW!.

Analysis: All three heroes - Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Spider-Woman - have ties to spycraft and espionage; this may be the theme of this next story. It also serves as an introduction to Black Widow's debts, things from the past which continuously haunt her.

Avengers Assemble #12 (Continues after Avengers Assemble #11, but the period is undefined. Centering on Black Widow, she, Spider-Woman, and Hawkeye embark on an adventure into Russian territory to help the wife of Peter Anokhin, a man she murdered. It's a "Karmic Debt", according to the story, and she learns that another person - not the wife - called her in. His name is Karl, and he's the boyfriend of Galina, the daughter of Anokhin. She's missing and he wants them to locate her in the sewers. On the adventure, though, it turns out to be a trap. Galina is now half-reptilian and the place is crawling with other reptile-human hybrids. Karl is also there, and he appears to be out for the Black Widow's blood.)
Avengers Assemble #13 (Continues immediately from the previous issue. Presenting Black Widow to Galina, Karl uses it as a form of "Proposal", asking for her hand in marriage. Galina offers Karl her serum and in response, asks him to join her. Thats when Natasha, Hawkeye, and Spider-Woman spring into battle. But it's too late for Natasha, Galina slashes her throat causing a mortal wound. They are unable to save her until Hawkeye recovers the serum and uses it with full potency; Natasha then transforms into a reptilian, regenerating. Resuming the battle, they beat Galina and her reptiles and pull them into a detox safehouse. Later, Jessica asks Natasha how many more tokens she has; she says "eight" and we see Barton holding one of them.)

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