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Parental Liabilities For The Young Avengers


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Analysis: Surrounding The Young Avengers, Marvel rebuilds this team with some of their core members and some new additions. This is another newly rebuilt title, giving us an indication that Marvel NOW! wants to appeal to younger readers. Or maybe they're looking for their next breakout hero? Ironically, it's Young Loki, helping them to assemble. Also note that Avengers Assemble Annual #1 is placed here at the end because of The Vision's tie to two of the children.

Avengers Assemble Annual #1 (Iron Man is in his latest armor. Captain Marvel is in her new outfit, and The Vision meets with Wiccan, probably after the events in Young Avengers #1. Centering on The Vision, he and some of the other Avengers take on Sunturion, a super-powered employee of Roxxon Oil that learns he is dying. Although the issue has battle, it's really about Vision finding his own identity and coming to terms about himself. Sunturion is a lot like him, and during their fight, he realizes that he needs to begin a process to help himself. It ends with The Vision leaving the Avengers and meeting with Wiccan of The Young Avengers.)

Young Avengers #1 (Once again, we have an issue that lacks chronology, and actually moves into alternate dimensions. Beginning with Kate Bishop and No-Varr in outer space, they are beset upon by Skrulls. Meanwhile, down below on earth, Hulkling and Wiccan are in a spat over Hulkling still using his powers. Wiccan thought they agreed to give it all up, but realizes that Hulkling knows no other life, even mentioning how things have changed when his mother died. After their talk, Wiccan starts looking into other realities and pulls Hulkling's mom out of one where she was alive. In one other disjointed plot, young Loki is eating at a restaurant when he's plucked out of the air and standing before Miss America. She is about to pummel him when Hulkling arrives and Loki teleports out. There's a lot of confusion, but Wiccan shows Hulking his mother. At the end of the issue, though, she's not exactly a good person.)
Young Avengers #2 (Continues from Young Avengers #1. Noticeably, there's a scene showing The Uncanny Avengers at a table. Moving quickly, Hulkling wakes and quickly finds that his mother isn't normal. Wiccan perceives a similar problem with his folks. They fight and flee, heading to Avengers Mansion for help. Wanda says she can help, but they only return them to their parents. Now captured, Loki appears and helps them escape. He takes them to a diner where they plot how to get the parasite creature out of their parents. Wiccan and Hulkling decide that Asgardia has the answer and force young Loki to go with them. Once there, though, they encounter Laufey the Frost Giant, who they thought was dead and isn't too happy to see the young god.)
Young Avengers #3 (Continues immediately from the previous issue. Loki's true father, Laufey, begins battle, but is quickly subdued when Miss America shows up. Loki teleports them to MJ's Club and after some discussion, they learn that Wiccan's spell got twisted and parasitic aliens are appearing as all their parents. But before they can do anything about it, Hulkling's mom and the rest of the parents find them. They are captured again!)
Young Avengers #4 (Continues shortly from Young Avengers #4. Noh-Varr and Kate Bishop aka Hawkeye, appear and rescue the captured kids, freeing them from the goop, but not before his parents-who-should-be-dead show up. As the team assembles on his craft, they explain what's going on. Battle ensues and the craft lands in a park. Suddenly, Loki realizes a flaw with the parasite and tells Wiccan to loan him his power for 10 minutes. Again. This time, Wiccan agrees, giving it to the demigod who, promptly, teleports away. As all the parasitic, alien parents rush to attack, the Young Avengers wonder if they'll ever survive the next moment.)
Young Avengers #5 (Continues immediately from Young Avengers #5. Loki, it turns out, hasn't left. He's preparing a defense against the parasite. As Wiccan swerves towards suicide as a means to end the parasitic "Mother", the god of mischief appears and keeps him from self-fatality. Loki then invokes a ritual that makes each hero act as a living counterspell. They attack the parasites and destroy them. Then, taking Noh-Varr's ship, they head out of town. Loki explains that Wiccan's parents are infected with the parasite and that none of the kids can return to the place where their parents died...or else the parasite parents will return. This turns them into a loose affiliated team. Noh-Varr decides to stick around because of Kate and Miss America figures it's best if she keeps a continued watch on Loki. The issue ends with them coming together as a team.)

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