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Hulk Smash....Iron Man!


Iron Man Villain #4: The Incredible Hulk

~Iron Man's biggest fear. From World War Hulk.

If there's one thing in the world that any superhero or villain wearing armor fears, it's the Incredible Hulk. Standing nearly 8ft. tall and weighting three-quarters of a ton, he's a enraged weapon of mass destruction. The Hulk is so fearsome as a foe, that word of presence is enough to drive most superheroes away, and to this date, no metal structure (except perhaps Adamantium) is capable of withstanding his onslaught.

Being one of the premiere icons of the Marvel Universe, The Hulk is actually not a super-villain. They call him a superhero most of the time, and he probably fits the definition of an anti-hero nearly all of the time. But Tony Stark and his iron-clad alter ego have good reason to add him to this list. Ever since Stark Industries, Stark Enterprises, and Stark Resilient have been supplying inventions and weapons to the government, military, and SHIELD, this unstoppable behemoth has been destroying them and proving their failure.

Most people will acknowledge the first Iron Man/Hulk encounter in Iron Man #305 (1994); that's when we saw the first Hulkbuster armor. Actually, though, they clashed much earlier, as far back as 1963 in Avengers #1, and the result ended up forming the supergroup of  Earth's Mightiest Heroes. As history has chronicled over the years, Iron Man and Hulk will consistently battle due to the nature of their origins: Hulk will inadvertently lose control and go on a city-destructive rampage (Re: The World War Hulk event), and Iron Man and his resources will be tasked with stopping him.

They may be tough, they may be rough, but boy do they hate Armored Superheroes! This is The Top 10 Villains of Iron Man, a Countdown of Stark's Greatest Foes provided by The Superheroes List, in tribute to the Iron Man 3 movie. Want to see who put him on the map? Read The List!

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