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The Troubled Mind of The Superior Spider-Man


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Analysis: The second story arc of Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man's body takes place starting with Superior Spider-Man #7, but is effectively a good lead-in with issue #6. People are starting to sense things are different with the Web-Slinger and now there's going to be trouble.

Optional Avenging Spider-Man #18 (Electro returns and wants revenge on Thor. He makes a deal with AIM and in converted to an anti-matter form. Confronting the God of Thunder, he's now immune to Thor's control of electricity. Spider-Man, though, contructs a device and with Thor's help, gets rid of Electro. Thor believes him dead, but at the end, we learn Spider-Man captured him and has him contained next to Sandman in Doc Ock's lab.)

Superior Spider-Man #6 (Continues from Superior Spider-Man #5, but after Avenging Spider-Man #18. Thor comments that he's teamed up with Spidey and that he's different. Captain America is in his new threads. Featuring two internet buffoons, The Jester and Screwball. These two play some antics on Mayor Jameson for their website and get away. Jameson calls in Spider-Man to apprehend them; at first Spidey declines, then he decides to deal out some revenge against the bullies. His Spidey "bugs" eventually find them and he goes into fighting mode. Jester and Screwball decide to turn this into a web event; it starts off funny, but Spidey gets mad and beats them to a pulp. The viewers watching now realize Spidey is different.)
Superior Spider-Man #7 ( This issue completely skips the events in Superior Spider-Man #6AU as if they never happened. You'll have to read the Age of Ultron event to figure out why. The events here follow Superior Spider-Man #6. The beginning and mid-stream of this issue is about Cardiac using his powers to save people. He infiltrates a police lot to acquire a life-saving device originally created by Doctor Octopus. Spider-Man, however, arrives on the scene to stop him. The original Peter Parker's psyche and influence have slowly been more powerful, and he can now move his body while Doc Ock is sleeping; we also find out that Ock can almost "hear" him. When Spider-Man prepares to severely strike Cardiac, Parker mentally yells "NO". In the confusion, Cardiac gets away. Spidey is then called to Avengers Tower, where Captain America and the rest decide to give him an intervention; they have noticed he's not acting right. They tell him to get a physical, proving he's the real Spidey, or else. Spidey decides his answer is "Or Else", and fights back.)
Superior Spider-Man #8 (Closely follows the previous issue. Notably, Spidey comments that Iron Man is in space. Of Spidey's close contact, Carly and The Avengers are most suspicious. Carly calls in help from a mysterious stranger, and The Avengers force the Web-Crawler into submission, knocking him out. When he wakes up, their scanning his physiology completely. Unfortunately for Peter, trapped in his own brain, they detect nothing out of the norm. They let Spider-Man go, but warn him. As soon as he's free, he assaults Cardiac's hideout. He makes a path to his helmet and then finds out that his past exploits have caused a young girl's dying condition. Instead of ripping the helmet off her, he completes her diagnosis and performs the surgery to save his life. He then offers Cardiac his support and leaves. Once he's back at Horizon Labs, though, we find out the sobering truth. Doc Ock now knows that Peter is still alive and residing in his head. Now he can hear him, and now he plans to get rid of him completely. Is that confusing or what?)
Superior Spider-Man #9 (Follows the previous issue, with a short, undefined break. Otto now uses his brain scanner and locates the memory fragment of Peter Parker in his head. He then attempts the extraction of the last vestiges of the true Spider-Man. Parker isn't going down willingly, though; as his thoughts crumble, he fights back with all his strength. Suddenly, the battle goes into the psyche with Otto and Peter facing each other like never before. Each hurls weaknesses at each other as they ploy their mental strengths. Each believes they are the better Spider-Man. The fight goes to near extinction for each, but in the end, it appears Otto gains the advantage. On the last panels, it appears he's beaten Peter Parker completely. The original Spider-Man may be gone for good.)
Superior Spider-Man #10 (Continues from the previous issue with an undefined break. There is a reference by Mary Jane that Peter has changed over a period of months. It seems like the original Peter Parker is now gone, purged. Spider-Man, no unbridled, first goes after White Dragon and The Owl, but not after letting them thin themselves out in a gang war. In the midst of earning his Doctorate, Peter now ignores Mary Jane, but begins to have a relationship with his tutor. As all this is happening, a new villain is lurking other the streets of New York City. He's called the Goblin King and he's learned how to get around all the Spider-bots watching.)
Superior Spider-Man #11 (Continues from the previous issue, but there is an undefined break in time. Starting with J. Jonah Jameson's call to spidey, the issue focuses on the execution of Alistair Smythe aka the Spider Slayer. Expecting a break-out, the web-crawler uses his "superior" tech to be ready. Once the execution commences, true to form, Smythe attempts to escape and Spidey is ready. At the end, though, there is one thing he may have not realized; Scorpion, Vulture, and Boomerang are also nearby and Smythe has them fixed up and freed. His request is simple: I helped you, now help me kill Spider-Man!)

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  1. "The second story are of Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man's "

    Should read Second story ARC
    just thought I'd point that out

    1. Thanks ggrouchie! Always let me know if you see something out of whack; I can use the back up. Take care.