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Jean Grey's School vs. Frankenstein's Circus


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~Excerpt from Wolverine and The X-Men ##19 (2013), part of Marvel NOW!.

Analysis: Wovlerine and the X-Men is just a small part of the huge role being played by mutants. At the conclusion of Avengers vs. X-Men, Hope cause a "worldwide" event that created hundreds of new mutations over the globe. This is where some of them first begin appearing. Also Storm joins the School.

Wolverine and The X-Men #19 (Has no direct chronological markers, but new mutants are starting appearing, meaning an early part of this event This issue establishes Storm at the Jean Grey School. With Husk having quit the school and the new mutants appearing, Kitty Pryde begins the search and selection for a new teacher. Meanwhile, Wolverine and Rachel Summers are hot on the trail for the Broo's assassin; so far, he isn't responding to treatments after having been shot in the head. By the end of this issue, compiled with lots of comedy and surprise appearances, Kitty chooses Storm as a new teacher.)
Wolverine and The X-Men #20 (Warren Worthington, The Angel, takes the center stage and responsibility for locating and recruiting new mutants to the Jean Grey school. He comes upon a girl who can become a Wereshark, but is intercepted by Mystique and the new Silver Samurai. Eventually, the two escape, and she joins the school. Elsewhere, it seems that others are trying to find they new mutants, including Kade Kilgore, who is in Alabama attempting to sway a young boy calling himself "Mudbug".)
Wolverine and The X-Men #21 (Continues from WatXM #20, after an unknown, but brief, period. Kid Omega and the rest of the students wake up to find their school is missing all their teachers. They go wild, but later stumble upon a circus run by Frankenstein's monster. They've captured the mutant teachers and are mind-controlling them to put on a show while sucking the souls from the people who attend. Meanwhile, Kilgore's team involves one young descendent from the Frankenstein legacy, and when the Jean Grey students and he find the circus, a battle is about to begin.)
Wolverine and The X-Men #22 (Does not have the Marvel NOW! banner, but continues immediately from issue #21. I personally believe it has to be in the Reading Order, non-optional. With a flashback a month before, the story shows us how the Frankenstein Monster meets the circus witch, Calcabrina. He takes over as the new circus master and leads their troupe to the next descendent of the Frankenstein lineage, the boy who happens to be in the Black Bishop in the Hellfire Club. As this child is being attacked, Oya comes in an saves him, the two escaping the cabin. But the young Frankenstein uses his technology to locate the source of the magical energies, leading him and Oya to the witch. Meanwhile, Storm and Wolverine are finally shaking off the mind control as the witch begins to lose full control. At the end, Oya is grabbed by the Frankenstein Monster, and young Frankenstein has to decide if he should save her...even though a month before he tried to help destroy the entire Jean Grey School!)
Wolverine and The X-Men #23 (Follows immediately from Wolverine and the X-Men #22. Also Beast has not yet mutated into his latest form. The young Frankenstein boy's real name is Maximilian von Katzenelnbogen. The X-Men have regained their senses and the fight continues. Idie burns Calcabrina. As the Frankenstein monster tries to choke her to death, Wolverine slashes his arm off. Before the X-Men can capture him, though, Calcabrina uses teleportation magic and they escape. Later, she summons her master, which turns out to be Azazel. The Frankenstein Monster, in another section, is seen murdering a driver for his arm. And lastly, the young boy appears at The Hellfire Club and tells Kade Kilgore to call him Dr. Frankenstein from now on.)

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