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Thor Faces The God Butcher


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Analysis: The adventures of Thor are written in a very historical perspective, but starts off with the god of thunder facing a villain that specializes in murdering other gods. One important aspect of this title is the nature of the storytelling; it includes tales of the past and future, including the mystical realm of Asgard, giving the entire character a deific aura.

Thor God of Thunder #1 (There are no chronological markers in this issue. Set in three times, we see the Thunder God of the Ancient Norse Myths, The Present Thor, and The Future King, Thor Odinson, of a nearly destroyed Asgard. In the five-part story arc A World Without Gods, he learns of and reveals Gorr the God Butcher to readers. This creature remains unseen throughout the issue, but is the key element of the immortal deaths faced at each point in time.) 
Thor God of Thunder #2 (Continues from Thor God of Thunder #1, and appears to be exclusive to other occurrences in the Marvel NOW event. Thor, in the past, travels to the Slavic lands where he encounters two more dead gods. Flying off upon one of their steeds, he is ambushed by the God Butcher and locked in battle. Before this foul being can harm him, though, he summons a thunderbolt which blasts them from melee, providing him safety. In the present day, Thor finally manages to dispatch the guardian creature left behind at the lair of the dead gods. He recognizes Gorr's passage and vows to follow his trail.) 
Thor God of Thunder #3 (Continues from Thor God of Thunder #2. There is an appearance of Iron Man, briefly, but not distinct chronological markers. With jumps between past and future, the present-day Thor travels to Omnipotence City, a nexus of the gods, where he does research in the Hall of Lost Gods. After some studying he realizes that many of the ones that disappeared were killed. When he returns, Iron Man helps him locate the cave where he, long ago, battled the God Butcher. He enters and faces him again. Inside, he faces a defenseless creature telling him that the dying gods are his fault. Then he is ambushed by the shadows.)
Thor God of Thunder #4 (Continues from Thor God of Thunder #3, and occurs in three different parts of the timeline. Bannered. In the past, Thor is chained and captured by Gorr, who begins interrogating him. The God Butcher wants to know all about the Asgardian Gods, intending to make Thor his last prize. In current times, the shadowy attacker turns out to be Shadrak, a Mad God. Thor pities the deity and questions him about Gorr, learning a single-worded clue "Chronux". Returning to the Hall of Lost Gods, he finds it in the midst of an attack by Gorr's Berserkers. Thor fights them off and finds the book of the Hidden World, Chronux, before it burns to ash. It turns out that Gorr has been to Chronux and forcing their last God of Time to send him through the timeline. In the future story, old King Thor is beaten, but the Berserkers refuse to deliver the killing blow. They return him to his throne. King Thor pulls himself away, trying to fight again, while seeking to give up. Suddenly, a flash appears, and the present-day Thor steps forth, looking for Gorr.)
Thor God of Thunder #5 (Continues from issue #4. Beginning to bring all three stories together, we learn of Gorr when he was born to the day he tortured Thor and was beaten back by his Vikings. We then see Gorr as he tortures the last Time God and enact his sinister plan. The Modern-Day Thor arrives, but is too late, seeing the fleeing villain. He follows him to the future where King Thor sees him appear. Unfortunately, though, he's about 400 years late. The final pages of the issue show Gorr is about to unveil his plan to rid the cosmos of all deities.)
Thor God of Thunder #6 (Continues from the previous issue with an undefined lapse in time. Most of this issue is a full origin of Gorr, The God Butcher; we see how his tribe and family were extremely pious, but savaged by the land and starvation. These scenes continue until he is cast out as a blasphemer, until the moment he witnesses a meteor strike and comes upon two immortal figures entwines in death throes. The black figure is dead, but the shining figure is barely alive. Gorr slays it, thinking it is a God, and adopts the weapon of the dark champion. The issue then fast forwards to Gorr standing over a thin, starving Volstagg. Now running slaves and mining pits, he has Asgardians and other gods preparing his ultimate weapon, which is part of his plan.)
Thor God of Thunder #7 (Continues from the previous issue immediately. Thor sees his future self, appearing much like Odin. He has many questions. The All-Father Thor then explains that Gorr has been attacking for thousands of years, taken the Asgardians, either killing them or having them work in his mines. But with his youthful visage in front of him, his strength is renewed. The two go forth on a ship, preparing to take on Gorr one final time. In the meantime, the story cuts to Omipotence City where the Librarian fears all is lost. He orders The Parliament into session. And at the last moment, he learns that one God, Shadruk, is the deity of bombs and has taught Gorr to make a huge, universe killing weapon.)
Thor God of Thunder #8 (Continues from the previous issue. Trapped as a slave on the world with the God Bomb, young Thor attempts to be unruly, but learns his actions cause pain for the others. He also meets his Grandchildren, the future Goddesses of Thunder from another age. While in a secret meeting, they explain that they've amassed enough material to make a bomb of their own, destroying Gorr's weapon. All this is happening while Present and Future Thors head to Gorr's homeworld. Young Thor grabs the explosive material and makes it to the weapon, blowing it. His body is unscathed, but is flung from the planet, landing in the Longship of his Present and Future selves. Together the three learn his explosion had no effect, but now they are heading back and preparing to fight in a war of the Thunder Gods.)

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