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Go Avengers, Into Marvel NOW!


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Above: The Avengers Core Team has a problem with few solutions. Note here that they are wearing their earliest versions of uniforms.

Analysis: Avengers, being one of Marvel's biggest franchises, has more than a couple titles and heroes who are going to evolve with the Marvel NOW! reformation. This Story Arc, however mainly represents the core group of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and the Hulk. There are additional heroes, but they aren't the focus. This is before the mentioned four get their new uniforms and upgrades, placing it very early.

Avengers Assemble #9 (Begins the Story Arc. With competing ideologies, Stark and Banner decide to have a contest by each assembling a team and searching for a missing scientist at Camp Vostok. Stark gets Thor and Banner chooses Spider-Woman. They then head to the area; Iron Man's group get attacked and suddenly Hulk and Spider-Woman show up to bail them out. It's a battle against monstrosities; once the enemies are defeated, the four Avengers find murdered staff members inside the facility.)
Avengers Assemble #10 (Continuing from Avengers Assemble #9. Iron Man realizes that the organisms that killed the staff are in the water, but - too late - Banner has had a drink. In the meantime, Captain America and Captain Marvel intercept a fleeing aircraft; suddenly mutated soldiers jump on their Quiinjet and Cap goes into action. He reaches the aircraft in mid-air and meets the villains, Sergei Sorokin and Yun Guan Han. They force him to jump out of the plan or they will drop millions of organisms on the populace below. In the last scenes, The Avengers have Hulk contained in a cell with an organism inside. Spider-Woman has to carefully administer the cure.)
Avengers Assemble #11 (Continues from Avengers Assemble #10. Tracking the craft to a province in China, the Avengers reassemble and take the fight to Yun Guang Han, but not before he releases his poisonous water on a small village. Acting quickly, Thor and Captain Marvel draw the liquid through the atmosphere and jettison it into space; meanwhile, the now-cured Hulk is dropped on Han's HQ. The team then infiltrates the base and takes out the super-villain. After the adventure, the group musters back at their base; that's when Tony and Bruce are told they lost the bet. In the last few panels, they are streaking through New York.)

This is a Story Arc Summary Page provided by The Superheroes List. If you're just arriving, Marvel NOW! is a reformation of the Marvel Comics Publishing Group, reinventing and revitalizing their great superheroes and villains to the latest era. Are you interested in what's happening with Marvel NOW!? Well you're not alone. You can find the Reading Order and more information at The Marvel NOW! Reading Order. Twitter #MarvelNOW

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