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Fearless Defenders, Facing The Doom Maidens


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Analysis: Marvel comes up with an all-female alliance, heralding a new brand of justice with Valkyrie, Misty Knight, and more deadly ladies of power. These first few issues do not follow a distinct story arc, but represent the origin of the characters coming together as their first villain attempts to revive an ancient Asguardian legend.

Fearless Defenders #1 (Has no chronological markers. Misty Knight has been retained by Annabelle Riggs to acquire Asguardian artifacts, but when she stops the smugglers, she assaulted by mercs with high-tech weaponry. She manages to escape with a piece. Once she gives it over to Riggs, it turns on, emitting an ancient song, and calling the dead in the area to undeath. Misty goes into action, but is surprised when Valkyrie on her winged Aragorn land and take to battle. Valkryie destroyed the artifact the end zombied-warriors fall. Searching for wisdom, she tells Riggs and Knight that she will consult with All-Mother. Riggs decides to go with her, and Misty plans on staying around as a bodyguard. By the end of the issue, we learn that a plot is hatching to awaken Doommaidens.)
Fearless Defenders #2 (Continues from the previous issue. This issue begins with mercenaries attempting to capture Dani Moonstar. She's ready for them and takes most of them out, but is eventually caught. When she awakens, she's in a stone encasement, captured by a woman who says she wants to become a Valkyrie. The story then cuts to Broxton, Oklahoma where the Misty, Annabelle, and the last Valkyrie are approaching Asgardia. When the reach the All-Mother, the learn about the Doom Maidens and their possible return. Hela, goddess of Death, appears, and Valkyrie goes immediately into a frenzy, attacking her. During the battle, though, Hela has her own champion: Warrior Woman, Hippolyta.)
Fearless Defenders #3 (Follows immediately from Fearless Defenders #2. Now that Hippolyta has appeared, Hela announces that she's chosen her as her champion. The All-Mother staves her command though, stating that Hippolyta, The Valkyrie, Misty Knight and Riggs will all go together to the source of the Doom Maiden trouble. That turns out to be Washington State. As they search, Dani is caught in the middle of a ritual, awakening the ancient Maidens. The girls arrive just in time to battle. The endgame is uncertain, but the female legends stop when they assume The Valkyrie is one of them.)
Fearless Defenders #4 (Follows immediately from the previous issue. Valkyrie is confused, but fights on. Something strange has her distracted. During the battle, though, the rest of the team manages to retrieve Dani and escape. They make a strategic withdrawal to one of Misty's safehouses. Valkyrie, having one of her visions, realizes the truth, that she is a Doommaiden and the rest will come for her. She splits the team up, leaving Misty and Annabelle behind. Misty has other plans, though, and calls on her Heroes For Hire resources.)
Fearless Defenders #5 (Follows immediately from the previous issue.  Valkyrie, Hippolyta, and Dani are fighting for their lives and the Doommaidens come in on flying dragons. About to be beaten, Misty shows up with multiple super-women, everyone from Thundra and She-Hulk to Black Cat and Black Widow. As the tide of the fight turns, though, Valkyrie herself unleashes. She's becoming consumed with her Doommaiden heritage; she's now in a rage.)

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