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The Marvel NOW! Reformation and Strategy Update


How To Approach The Incredible Amount of Changes

It all began in October of 2012 after the Avengers vs. X-Men event. We knew it was going to be big and rumors said we'd witness lots of changes, but we were also told this wouldn't be a "reboot" like the New 52 of DC Comics. Announced and implemented by Marvel Comics, it's the "Event" called Marvel NOW!

And yes, it's an event. Well, maybe. I don't it an event? There's no central theme to tie all the issues together. It's not simply about new costumes or new superheroes. It's not about a single philosophy. Wait! Actually, it's about ALL those things.

To put it bluntly, Marvel NOW! is the evolution of their stories and characters to this era. More intricate than an event, it's a "Reformation" and reorganization of the Marvel Universe. There WILL be costume updates, new ideologies, heroes, and villains. It's Marvel Comics taken to the next level.

But it's also a bit confusing, especially if you're jumping in late. Where do you start? How far do you go? Can you catch up quick enough? Or better, "Who the heck is this guy?", a question you're bound to ask. Is there a method you can try to follow this with ease?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Here it is.

This is where you start. It introduces you to the event and gives you a story-arc-by-story-arc analysis with the changes. Nothing is perfect in the world of comics, but at least it streamlines everything into a nice, fluid list.

04/19/2013 Update: In the beginning, this list was all together. The Reading Order and Detailed Summaries were provided together. Unfortunately, due to the amount of issues, it's become too big. To alleviate that problem, the summaries are now on their own pages. You can still view the list, and can click the story arc if you want to view the most recent issues.

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