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Mutants and Humans, Avengers Uncanny, Marvel NOW!


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Analysis: Captain America, at some point, decided that a new team should be created. This could be part of the Avengers extension concept that was delivered in Avengers #1. Basically, it's been decided that the supergroup needs to grow bigger and have members for any situation. Uncanny Avengers, therefore, appears to be an attempt to deal with human-mutant threats.

Uncanny Avengers #1 (Captain America is in his new costume version, putting this issue after Avengers #1 Moving through the timeline from the funeral for Professor Charles Xavier, Captain America and Thor approach Havok to begin a faction of their team that focuses on threats against both mutants and humans; his goal is to have a team that serves both races, also made up of both. Scott Summers is seen in at "The Brig", a SHIELD prison under Maria Hill's security, where Havok chides his actions. Elsewhere, Avalanche appears after having been experimented upon, and starts a killing rampage. Cap appears with the help of Havok and Thor and they handle the emergency. The issue then cuts to The Scarlet Witch and Rogue having angry words. Eventually they come to blows, but in the middle of their exchange, a new group of supervillains appear on the scene and take them both out. In the final pages, the issue cuts to the return of The Red Skull, who has separated Professor X's brain from his body with malicious intent.)
Uncanny Avengers #2 (Continues from Uncanny Avengers #1, without chronological markers. Captain America and team clean up from Avalanche's chaos and that's when he tells Wolverine that Havok will be leading a human-mutant superteam so as to build a better trust in mutantkind. Meanwhile, across the television airwaves, the Red Skull is using mind-powers - harnessed by fusing his brain to the post-mortified brain of Prof. Xavier to cause people to randomly kill mutants. Rogue manages to escape her shackles and locate Wanda, but the super-villain has brainwashed her and they fight until the body of Xavier is viewed. As they prepare to escape, though, the Red Skull returns for battle.)
Uncanny Avengers #3 (Continues from Uncanny Avengers #2. Bannered. Red Skull reveals himself to the public, using his powers to cause hatred against mutants. A riot ensues, but not before Captain America, Havok, and their team go into action. Skull's "S-Men" appear and there's a fight; surprisingly, he manages to get some form of mental control over Thor while negating Wolverine's powers. In that act, he uses Thor to slam Wolverine with his hammer. The city now burning in turmoil. Thor bows at the Red Skull's feet.)
Uncanny Avengers #4 (Continues from Uncanny Avengers #3. Thor now attacks in full force, the Scarlet Witch using her chaos power and hexes to keep him at bay. Havok joins in, but sees Captain America beginning to fall to the Skull's mind powers. The battle unwinds - it looks sour for the heroes, but suddenly Captain America is able to overcome the mind control while SKull is distracted. They hit hard and fast, but the Red Skull manages to get away. As the team recovers from their wounds, the newspapers are saying the Xavier's Dream is working, and that man and mutant are coming together.)
Uncanny Avengers #5 (Continues from Uncanny Avengers #4 and contains a short undefined time period between the issues. (Most of the issue is team mechanics and drama, but Cap calls a meeting together while Janet Pym recruits Wonder Man and Wolverine gets Sunfire. Near the end of the issue, the Avengers Unity Team is publically announced with Havok at the forefront. Suddenly though, Simon's brother, The Grim Reaper, strikes and begins taking them out. Rogue manages to take some of Simon's power, strikes him, and breaks his neck. It all happens in front of the crowd and the cameras.)

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  1. I think this is out of place. Cap is actually in old costume, it's just overly detailed by Cassada The events occur chronologically before AvX Consequences (Scott in prison), before All-New X-Men #1-#5 (still cat Beast). Also a lot of evidence it IMMEDIATELY follows AvX #12 where Wolverine tells Captain America "I got a eulogy to give." Fast forward to this issue and its Xavier's funeral. Combined with the timing of the release and I believe this occurs immediately after Avengers vs X-Men wraps up