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Analysis: Sam Alexander isn't Richard Ryder, but he's an unofficial member of The Nova Corps nevertheless. Inheriting the helmet from his often-absent father, Sam is now one of the youngest heroes around. He's fast and quantum-equpped, he's Nova!
Nova #1 (An origin story starring a young kid named Sam Alexander. His dad, a previous member of the Nova Corps, is now a janitor as Sam's school. Although he tells Sam and his sister stories from beyond the stars, Sam is skeptical. It's this same attitude, though, that gets him into trouble at school. After getting banged up one day, he's out for three days in the hospital. He wakes up, though, and is confronted by Rocket Racoon and Gamora, two Guardians of the Galaxy!)
Nova #2 (Continues from the previous issue without any breaks. Startled by the appearance of Gamora and Rocket Racoon, Sam runs out of his room for help; when he returns with a nurse, they're gone. Somehow Sam gets out of the hospital and tries on the helmet they left behind, though. That's when he gets a message from his dad about the burden and responsibility of using the Nova powers. Sam tries them out for a bit, and then returns to leave the hospital next morning. Later, he works on testing out the powers again, but forgets how to slow down. He eventually hits, or ends up, on the moon, before the presence of one of the Watchers.)
Nova #3 (Continues immediately from the previous issue. The Watcher refused to speak, but shows Sam the image of a coming fleet of warships. When Sam returns to earth, Rocket Racoon and Gamora appear once more. They explain their mission and begin training him. Later, they tell him of the coming threat and the Chitauri Armada. That's when Sam acknowledges the vision The Watcher gave him. Thinking they can plot their location, they send him on a "space jump" to find the fleet. Sam treks out in space; when he arrives, he's virtually in front of the Chitauri fleet. And they've just fired their weapon, The Ultimate Nullifier!)
Nova #4 (Continues immediately from Nova #3. Sam fights back, weaving and dodging with the power of the Nova Force at his command. He breaks into one of the Chitauri ships and comes face to face with a character known as Titus. It turns out Titus was once a friend of Sam's dad, but is now calling him a traitor. Sam and Titus argue about Jesse Alexander, but it doesn't change opinions; Sam blasts through the ship and finds the Ultimate Nullifier. He then returns to Earth, looking for Gamora and Rocket Racoon. There's no sign of them so he hides the device. Heading to the shed, he thinks his friends have returned, but it turns out to be Titus, the former Black Nova, who tracked him.)

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