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Analysis: The key item of import with Tony Stark is his latest look. After you read the Avengers Assemble, title, you will notice Iron Man is still wearing the Red-and-Gold. In Iron Man #1, however, he's adorned in his new look: Black-and-Gold. In addition, the premise behind this character, the biggest change, is that he's dropped his liquid metal tech and decided to use modular armor parts that can be swapped in and out, depending on the mission. Additionally, it's also important to note that all this falls on the heals of the Iron Man movie trilogy and the Avengers (2012) movie; so a lot of the development will be hinting at things we might see on the screen.

Right: The new Iron Man look, from Iron Man #1 (2012).

Iron Man #1 (The only chronological item of note is that Iron Man is now using his Black and Gold armor. This puts this title after "Avengers Assemble". After leaving Resilient, Tony Stark is brought into a plot that involves the Extremis technology when it's inventor is killed, but not before leaving him a message. He infiltrates a prototype show by AIM, and now knows the organization is responsible for his friend's death. After a short battle, he captures and interrogates the AIM representative and learns that there are still four Extremis prototypes still out there. He promises to capture and get rid of their tech by the end of the issue.)
Iron Man #2 (Continues from Iron Man #1, without any chronological markers. Starting with the induction of a new character, Alex Draguno, to an organization called "The Circle", the story then moves to Tony Stark building a new A.I. for his "Armory". It's designed to be a mobile base that moves with Iron Man, able to fit him quickly with new, adaptive modules. In a joust-stylized contest, Tony heads to Symkaria, where he accepts a challenge and faces their knights. The prize is the return of his extremis tech, but before either side wins, he blows it up and leaves. Ms. Draguno, however, seems happy with her results.)
Iron Man #3 (Continues from Iron Man #2, without chronological markers. Tony continues his quest to remove the extremis tech and finds another buyer, a drug lord with lots of money. When he arrives at the villain's compound, he faces Living Laser, Firebrand, and Vibro, set to guard the tech. As Iron Man, he locates his target, but then finds out that the drug lord's daughter is dying and it is being used to heal her. Instead of destroying it, he applies an advanced process, healing her, but then has the dealer arrested.)
Iron Man #4 (Continues from Iron Man #3, with no other chronological markers. Tony locates the next series of extremis techs, leading him to catacombs in Paris. There, he finds a conglomeration of science and superstitions, creating thirteen quasi-extremis-demons from females. Using a highly weaponized version of his armor, Tony begins killing all of the murderous creatures, but one; this particular being appears docile. But at the end of the issue we realize she, or it, is pregnant.)
Iron Man #5 (Continues from Iron Man #4, with no other markers. He's been hesitating to go after the last location of the extremis tech, but Tony heads up into orbit on a space satellite where an old friend "Eli" is harboring it. After some verbal threats, he lets Tony inside and shows him how he's stolen everything, upgraded himself, and is modifying it to make "spacemen" that can habitat any planet. Tony says he'll have to get rid of it, and they fire lasers on him. It does no good, and he blasts all the extremis away.He leaves, and in the final pages of the issue, he completely modifies his suit and has a new look, including a new A.I. called PEPPER.)

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