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Iron Man is GodKiller


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Analysis: The second story arc from Iron Man is the AvX: Godkiller plot. Now Iron Man is out in space; he's had interaction with the Guardians of The Galaxy and he's been exploring. Uniquely, this is also important to the Avengers vs. X-Men story arc, as it has some implications to the disappearance of The Phoenix.

Iron Man #6 (Has no chronological bearing at the time. This placement may be temporary. In Iron Man #5, the story ends that this suit will be built "weeks later". New "space suit" and new "PEPPER" a.i. After fighting and finishing up space pirates, Tony ends up on a ship with the Voldi, an ancient race whose teachings have reached the Kree and Shi'ar. It's his birthday and he tries to hook up with a Voldi princess, but she's disgusted by his hair. As his day gets worse, though, he's attacked by robots. Destroying them, he learns that they are cops and he's under arrest. He turns himself in to find out that they are arresting him for the destruction of "The Void Falcon", which you and I know as "The Phoenix". This issue has multiple banners. It is also part of an event called AvX Aftermath.) 
Iron Man #7 (Continues from Iron Man #6 after a short period. Tony is now a prisoner of the Voldi and has been called on to answer for crimes against their people and their god, which turns out to be the Phoenix Force. The issue is built a lot like a Star Wars movie, but ultimately the robot, or droid, supplying him with drinks reveals itself to be Recorder 451, a Rigellian creation unique to its kind because of a programming malfunction. Explaining it's origin, it tells Tony of a play to invoke Shay-Tah Run, a Voldi rite of combat. In Star Trek-like Captain Kirk fashion, Tony issues the challenge during his trial and ends up in an arena like a pit fighter. Fortunately for him, the Voldi suck at fighting; Tony beats them all up. At the same time, the Recorder is searching for Tony's armor, getting closer by the moment. But as Tony tires, the goal is for him to stay alive long enough for this plot to work. Getting worried, though, the Voldi Supreme Justicar begins to consider that Stark's success in combat may cause a problem. Her advisor comes up with a solution, and on the last page Tony meets his final opponent, Death's Head the Bounty Hunter.)
Iron Man #8 (Continues immediately from Iron Man #7. Death's Head begins attacking and all Tony can do is run. Elsewhere, Recorder 451 reaches the Iron Man armor and convinces the Pepper AI to rescue him. In the meantime, he steals the Voldi "Heart", a very special device. Back at the arena, Tony is saved as a moments notice when his armor flies in, knocking Death's Head away. He suits up and rockets back to his mobile armory. While gearing up, Pepper tells him something bad is happening back at the Voldi base. It the Celestials: they are now destroying the ancient race. Before Iron Man can turn and help them, Recorder 451 displays his image saying that they heart was a device they used to siphon power off The Celestials. Once he removed it, The Celestials killed them like a tick. It turns out all this was Recorder's idea: to lure Stark to The Voldi and use him as a distraction while he stole The Heart. Thanking Iron Man, he disappears.)

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