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Red She-Hulk is The Fugitive of ECHELON in Marvel NOW!


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Analysis: In Red She-Hulk, Betsy Ross is on a self-imposed mission to stop a future she fears. When she encounters Avengers, it's the new versions of Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, meaning this is after the Avengers issues. Marvel's intentions with this title seems to flesh out her character as well as Aaron Stack, aka Machine Man.

Indestructible Hulk also appears to have simultaneous occurrences in the event, detailed below.

Red She-Hulk #58 (Betty Ross's story has no chronological marker in this issue and her story can be contained within it's own section. As the United States military begins to rework their own super-soldier program with General Fortean as its director of Project: Echelon, Betty Ross, the Red She-Hulk, invades their test run and faces their three superhumans. She beats them down completely after testing their abilities. The General then contacts Captain America who, in turn, receives advisement from her former associate, Machine Man; they both make towards her current position. Now, Betty has reverted to her human form and is infiltrating the base where she finds Vic Corsico, a super-villain, in a lab. She turns back into her Hulk form and takes him out.)
Red She-Hulk #59 (Betty prepares to flee the prison and now she realizes she killed Corsico. Before she can leave, X-51 aka Machine Man intercepts her and the two battle it out. She manages to get away and he continues tracking her. The plot now unfolds when Betty uses a mutant girl, Eleanor, to see the future. We now learn that Betty is trying to stop the program before it causes the inevitable breaking of the nation and possibly the world. Machine Man quickly recovers her trail and she attempt to get away again. This time, though, The Avengers arrive and assist. "Hulking Out", Red She-Hulk takes them on, full force. But by the end of the battle, it appears she may be enraged and out of control.)
Red She-Hulk #60 (The Avengers now have to face Betty's destruction and save a bridge. During the rescue, she escapes. Machine Man, though, goes back to the source of his investigation and finds and autistic girl. He establishes contact with her and learns of a god-like, world computer that predicts the future, operated by Nicola Tesla. With this information, he routes Betty as she is infiltrating a hidden base training ground for Echelon. A new battle begins, but this time Machine Man helps her. With overwhelming forces, though, they're about to be beaten, until Betty gets enraged, stronger, and transformed into an out of control monster.)

Picture: Aaron Stack, aka X-51, aka Machine Man, is also an important character in this Red She-Hulk Story Arc. Excerpt from Red She-Hulk #59 (2013).

She-Hulk #61 (Continues from issue #60 with no other markers. Now that She-Hulk has been "Hulked Out", Fortean leads her into an anti-gravity trap. She's caught - that is - until Aaron frees her and sends him almost into orbit. She lands in Colorado, where he follows and watches her change back to Betty Ross; that's when he questions her motives. Betty then explains how she came upon the Terranometer and Eleanor. Her vision is that countries all across the world will be creating super humans and that they'll cause a war against the regular super-humans.)
Red She-Hulk #62 (Continues from issue #61. More of the Terranometer story is explained to Machine Man. As Betty and Aaron travel back to Eleanor's house, they see it is destroyed. They flee the area, but are discovered and stopped by two Echelon agents. One releases EMP pulses and takes out Aaron; the other has a power to negate Betty's ability to change into Red She-Hulk. She runs and they begin tracking her until she gets behind the her attacking agent and knocks him out. Now about to change, she hulks out, grabbing Aaron and escapes the area. As the troops and agents lick their wounds, Jennifer Walters aka the green version She-Hulk walks on the scene.)
Red She-Hulk #63 (Continues from Red She-Hulk #62. There's also a snapshot of the new-costume version of Captain America in this issue. Also, there's a perfect scene with Bruce Banner that indicates he's working at his new lab. Betty and Aaron are still hunting down Eleanor, which leads them to an old SHIELD Base in New York, below the surface. Somehow, though, Director Hill is able to track them, using a SHIELD ambush team to hit them fast and hard. At the same time, Bruce Banner calls in to see if there's any work; Hill is concerned that he might not be a good candidate to face his ex-wife. In the backdrop of this story, some of the Echelon candidates are getting power made; one has to be taken down just to stop his rampage. By the end of the issue, Betty and Aaron survive the attack, but end up miles further below, face to face with the Mole Man. And above ground, General Fortean has been given authorization to use the Mad Thinker to stop Betty.)
Red She-Hulk #64 (Occurs shortly after Red She-Hulk #63, but can be simultaneous to the Hulk issues. Betty and Aaron are now deep int the subterranean world and instead of the Mole Man, they have imposed upon his mutated son, Mole Monster. They fight through hundreds if not thousands of monsters, but the battle ends when Mole Monster realizes that neither are human. He then welcomes them to his world. Now at peace, Betty and Aaron convince the creature to lead them to another Terranometer pyramid. Once there, they access the world computer and again meet the visage of Tesla. Aaron begins altering the device in some way, but Tesla ejects them before he finishes. The Mole Monster returns to his realm, but Betty and Aaron are now in some strange world where the faces of Dr. Doom, Ultron, The Red Skull, and Loki are on Mt. Rushmore.)
Red She-Hulk #65 (Continues from the previous issue with a short, undefined break. Now at Mt. Rushmore, Aaron and Betty detect a quantum disturbance from the Terranometer. They attempt to solve it and creates AIs of Dr. Doom, Loki, The Red Skull, and Ultron attack. While Betty fights them, Aaron jacks into the machine; he's now swept up in the code as it attempts to assimilate him. Betty manages a standoff, but the entities, now becoming self-aware, join into a new being, calling itself Yologarch. It escapes and vows vengeance. Aaron is helplessly drawn into the machine, but before his existence is purged, Betty rips his head off, disconnecting him from the device and saving him. Later, they regroup; Aaron know believes they have to go to Florida, where the Nexus of Realities resides. Little do they know that General Fortean has now joined with the green She-Hulk and is using technology of The Mad Thinker to plan his next attack them.)
Red She-Hulk #66 (Continues from the previous issue with an undefined break. Betty and Aaron move to the swamps where they locate the Nexus of All Realities and The Man-Thing. Seeing him as a monster, she attacks it and disappears. The Man-Thing then negotiates with Aaron and takes him to the same reality with her. In this alternate time, Betty becomes the Hulk-like figure and Aaron's programming is redefined; they are both forgetting their original origins. The Man-Thing brings them back, but they are still in altered states. That's when they encounter Jen Walters, the green She-Hulk, who has been tracking them. Behind her comes in General Fortean's echelon units who are following them all.)

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