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The Return of Cyclops


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Analysis: Although the story of Scott Summers has already commenced, this section deals intrinsically with his plans. It actually begins in AvX: Consequences #1-5, but unfolds in Marvel NOW! through Uncanny X-Men, where he begins recruiting new mutants to train. Unlikely alliances follow his guidance with the likes of Magneto and Magik. Scott and those mutants who once held the Phoenix Force are now changed. Also provided here is Cable and X-Force issues where the appearance of Cyclops is part of the story.

Uncanny X-Men #1 (No chronological markers in this issue that set it anywhere except past Scott's escape from prison. Maria Hill of SHIELD is visited by a mutant whose face we can't see until the end. This character then tells her all the details of Scott Summer's rise to cult fandom in the nation, as well as his missions to gather awakening mutants. But he also relates how Scott's power is on the fritz and acting unpredictably. By the end of the issue, the character is revealed to be Magneto, now playing a new role, and preparing to betray Scott.)
Uncanny X-Men #2 (Continues after Uncanny X-Men #1, and noticeably at the end, you have the armored-up Hulk and new-costumed Captain America. Mostly an issue about resolving differences, Scott and Emma talk about their past and how they are coming to terms. Emma decides to stay with Scott because she's a good teacher, but she's not sure about the Revolution. Scott shows the new mutants the Sentinel threat and explains the grand scheme of mutantkind, but some of the kids still want to make amends at home. Scott has Magik teleport them to Australia, leaving Magneto behind. Big mistake: Magneto warns SHIELD of their location. When the X-Men appear, Captain America and the Avengers are jumping in to take them down.)
Uncanny X-Men #3 (Continues immediately from Uncanny X-Men #2. Starting from the showdown, it's mostly a contest of words. Captain America attempts to place them under arrest, but Scott will have none of it. As a matter of fact, they place some of the blame on the Avengers, for breaking the Phoenix Force. At some point, though, a fight almost occurs when suddenly, one of the new mutants creates a time bubble and freezes the Avengers. Scott's team leaves and teleports back to their hideout. There, they find out Magneto gave away their position. But surprisingly, he also explains he did it to get in good with SHIELD and others to learn more about their plans against mutantkind. His excuse is that he needed everyone ignorant in case psychics attempted to learn the truth. In that last few pages, Scott gets an idea and teleports with Magneto, Magik, and Emma to the Jean Grey School, preparing for some unrevealed confrontation.)
All-New X-Men #9 (Continues from All New X-Men #8, but has a scene at the end which correlates to the scene at the end of Uncanny X-Men #3. Kitty has the team train in their Danger Room while testing their powers. Jean continues to show her new talents and eventually uncovers that Scott has met with Mystique. Scott won't talk, though, and keeps quiet throughout the issue. Meanwhile, Mystique disguises herself as Maria Hill, taking Sabretooth to The Raft and freeing Lady Mastermind to join her group. Elswewhere, Angel queries the newly-mutated Beast about the Mutant Genocide and he responds that this is what he's trying to avoid. Tempers rise and fall throughout the issue, but all are stunned when Scott Summers - this era's Cyclops - appears with Magneto, Magik, and Emma Frost, at their front door.)
All-New X-Men #10 (Continues immediately from All-New X-Men #9. (Centering around Cyclops' appearance at the Jean Grey School, he and his team tell everyone that they are opening their own school for mutants, preparing them for harsher realities to come. There's a lot of back and forth animosity and explanations over Xaviers death and the fact that Summers is naming his center the "Xavier School". At the end, though, the Cuckoo triplets leave and one other mutant, who no one expected. Elswhere in the issue, Mystique and her group continue their exercises and make an 18 million dollar grab. SHIELD is now alerted the Mystique's attack which freed Sabretooth and the Lady Mastermind, and they check in with the Jean Grey School, alerting them.)
All-New X-Men #11 (Continues immediately from All-New X-Men #10. Kitty, Jean, and the rest are stunned that Warren would want to leave. Jean attempts to force him psychically, but the Cuckoo triplets face off against her. She's untrained and loses the fight. With tempers flaring, the present version of Cyclops, with the past version of Warren, leave. The members of the school are sad and confused with Angel's decision. Kitty warns Jean that she can't use her powers to force people anymore; she has to be responsible for her actions. Later on there's an attack of mutants on a Stark Resilient factory. It's actually Mystique and her team, but they are appearing like the young X-Men. Kitty, Logan and the past X-Men head to investigate it, but their aircraft is downed. When they step outside to meet their aggressors, it's Havok, Captain America, and the Uncanny Avengers.)
All-New X-Men #12 (Continues immediately from All-New X-Men #11. Young Scott meets his brother Havok like its the first time, learning lots of history in the process. Meanwhile, Jean, upon seeing Scarlet Witch, finds out how she destroyed the mutant race. This causes her to lash out at the Uncanny Avengers. Fortunately, no one takes to battle. Captain America tells them about the black-and-gold X-Men sightings, but Wolverine defiantly says it's Mystique behind the ruse. The groups break off on better terms, but Wolverine directs his team to go after the mutant shape-shifter.)
Uncanny X-Men #4 (Continues from the previous issue, but for syncronicity, works best after All-New X-Men #11. Most of this issue involves the encounter between Cyclops' team and the team at the Jean Grey School, which is detailed in All-New X-Men #10, #11. What's new is Emma Frost's telepathic conversation with the Cuckoo triplets. Once they encounter ends, the story goes into much of the training and integration of the new mutants. It also begins alerting us that Magik is starting to have demonic problems of her own.)
Uncanny X-Men #5 (Continues from Uncanny X-Men 4. The word is out now; Magik reveals that her powers are starting to break apart and become unpredictable like everyone else who once held the Phoenix powers. She relates how she was summoned to Limbo and had to fight Dormammu. She also reveals that the Darkchilde took hold of her to win the battle. As the new members, the Cuckoo triplets and young Angel, are meeting the rest of the team, Magik has another attack and everyone is transported to Limbo. Scott attempts to get her to focus, but her Darkchilde personality is now in control.)
Uncanny X-Men #6 (Continues from the previous issue. Dormammu is now using Magik as his focus as he attempts to take over Limbo and become its ruler. He prepares to kill all the X-Men, but Emma convinces the Cuckoos to make the newest members brave and fight. The battle is still ongoing as the issue ends. Meanwhile, Agent Hill is dealing with all the anti-mutant tech after all the events of the past and decides that a mutant expert - one who is also a mutant - will be needed. She enlists Dazzler as an Agent of SHIELD.)
Cable and X-Force #6 (Continues after an undefined break from the previous issue. Cyclops is noticeably in his new costume, and we're currently not sure where this happens during the Uncanny X-Men titles. So it may be moved in the future. Peter is no longer in Mexico, but imprisoned on The Raft, escorted by Wolverine. Logan reminds him that they'll probably throw away the key. During his stay, which could be days or weeks, Kitty uses her powers to spy on him. She wants to make amends, but doesn't know how to approach him anymore. Near the middle to end of the issue, though, Domino and Boom Boom stage a breakin; ironically, it's not to free Pete, but to grab an incarcerated alien. While Cable is preparing their escape, though, he's met by his father, Cyclops, who wants to speak.)
Cable and X-Force #7 (Continues immediately from the previous issue. Cyclops appears to have no other purpose but to help Nathan stick a thorn in SWORD's side. While they are talking, the organization sends a ship to attack. Meanwhile, Forge and Dr. Nemesis are attempting to pilot the alien's craft towards the place where it is imprisoned. Domino pleads with Pete to walk free, but he's stubborn and wants to pay for his previous crimes against humanity. Down at the bottom of the installation, Boom Boom attempts to free the alien; some difference in understanding causes a struggle, but eventually the ship and it's master meet up. The alien creates a huge portal for Pete to head towards freedom, then leaves.)

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