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My Name Is...MODOK!


Iron Man Villain #3: MODOK and AIM

There are three more vital threats to Iron Man, and this is where things may get more or less obvious. You'll soon see why.

What's one of the biggest threats to an inventor? The patent office, did you say? No! The third most potent and vital enemy to Stark and his suits is an empire of scientists bent on world domination. With the planet's most brilliant minds, all unifying against you, next on Iron Man's list is AIM.

what chance can a lone suit of technology have when super-scientists plotting together under the same Advanced Idea Mechanics pit against you? Originally called THEM, they first appeared in Strange Tales #146 (1966) and were born from the equally evil organization of HYDRA during WWII. Their purpose was first to fashion super-weapons, but later they splintered into an empire with their own motives, eventually facing Iron Man in Iron Man #1 (1967). From that moment forward, they begin working on duplicating Tony Stark's work.

AIM's power extends throughout the Marvel Universe; a power-hungry group, they are adversaries to every super-hero available. And although they are always on Iron Man's radar, MODOK (the Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing), explains why they are so high on the list. You'd think a super-tech suit is all AIM could hope for, but their actual successes have gone in completely different directions and sciences. Aside from creating the Cosmic Cube, a reality-altering device, and the Super-Adaptiod, an andriod that can copy super-powers, MODOK, a mutated human with enhanced intelligence and mental powers, has been their key component threat since Tales of Suspense #93.

The lesson here is simple "When you're genius inventor, evil scientists want your stuff". That's why Stark has been vexed by AIM ever since.

They may be tough, they may be rough, but boy do they hate Armored Superheroes! This is The Top 10 Villains of Iron Man, a Countdown of Stark's Greatest Foes provided by The Superheroes List, in tribute to the Iron Man 3 movie. Want to see who put him on the map? Read The List!

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