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The Thunderbolts are Enlisted


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Analysis: Deadpool was originally in this section, but once Deadpool #6 came out, it was obvious that the superheroes hadn't changed costumes yet. Anyhow, The Thunderbolts here are an arbitrary placement because they are operating on their own and have little to nothing to do with any other heroes. Overall, the focus is on Red Hulk's recruit of Deadpool and the rest of this new team of Thunderbolts. These are good guys who know how to act like bad guys.

Thunderbolts #1 (Deadpool has now been recruited and it appears his side adventure with the dead Presidents is over. Gen. Ross is now starting up a new team, although it's not quite clear if this is a truly government-sanctioned force like the Thunderbolts of before. In this beginning, he is talking with captured Frank Castle, but the story goes into the recruitment of other heroes like Deadpool, Venom, and Elektra. By the end of the story, he convinces The Punisher that his style of crime-fighting is perfect for their team.)
Thunderbolts #2 (Continues from Thunderbolts #1. Ross sets up their first mission, to unseat the tyrannical government in Kata Jaya. Assembling the group, they wear gamma-shielded armor, with Punisher and Venom taking front. He then sends Deadpool and Elektra to head in to another location, but they are stopped at the waterfront and captured. Venom and Punisher are upset that Ross is keeping some of the information from them, but he tells them that he has the "intel" coming. On the last page, it appears he is reviving Samuel Sterns aka The Leader.)
Thunderbolts #3 (Continues immediately from Thunderbolts #2, without chronological markers. Bannered. Deadpool learns that Red Hulk is reviving The Leader for information, but is going to keep him from his short-term memory. Meanwhile, Punisher and Venom or training resistance forces; they lead an assault an an ammo depot and take it over. Elektra is now in captivity and introduced to Dr. Philip Sterns, a super-villain called Madman who is also The Leader's brother. It turns out that this is why Red Hulk is reviving him. Venom and Punisher return to team HQ and see The Leader; as Red Hulk and Deadpool try to explain, Punisher shoots him in the head.)
Thunderbolts #4 (Continues immediately from Thunderbolts #3. Red Hulk immediately takes off with Stern's body. Meanwhile, most of the issue goes back and forth with flashbacks to show how Kata Jaya and General Awa came to this state of affairs. Although they want to disband, Deadpool and Punisher take on Madman while Venom goes in to rescue Elektra. Not surprisingly, she doesn't need saving; when she's ready, she makes the General kill himself. As the issue concludes, we get a shot of Red Hulk washing Sterns over with a huge pipe emitting gamma energy.)
Thunderbolts #5 (Continues immediately from Thunderbolts #4. With Awa dead, some of the soldiers attempt to rise up, but they are confused. Ross, now unconscious, is being led by Sterns; they both meet Mercy, a mysterious, violet-haired woman who claims Sterns has all the knowledge and that he can know everything. She plans on helping him. Meanwhile, Punisher and Elektra are fighting to the death as some soldiers are still trying to keep the regime running. It turns out they are romantically involved. Deadpool is doing his same mirthful antics, turning over Madman to the rebels, but not before Venom grabs him, thinking he'll be needed for other things. It all revolves around an underground lab Venom encountered which hooked up lots of subjects to an experimental brain consciousness.)
Thunderbolts #6 (Continues immediately from the previous issue. Mercy is the strange character in this story, she appears before Ross and Sterns, then Venom, where she kills the rebels, and then disappears. Meanwhile, the group is coming together at Sterns remembers the code; it appearantly unleashes all the data that was contained in his mind. He had uploaded it into the internet before he was comatose. As Venom brings Madman into the lab where the group is assembled, the super-villain changes back into his huge form and attacks. But Sterns whispers the code in his ear and his brain explodes. The team now realizes that Ross has some other reasons for being here; he helped build a gamma unit housed in the area. After learning that a ship carrying a deadly device left three days ago, they prepare to take a submarine to follow it.) 
Thunderbolts #7 (Continues from Thunderbolts #6, after an undefined time period. While on the sub, tensions rise. Deadpool isn't happy with Elektra and Punisher's romance and Venom is upset with Red Hulk's lying. A meeting is called on a lower section and Venom attempts to lead a Coup against Red Hulk. It doesn't work, however, and they are beaten. Stern continues to analyze the data, but it's clear he's getting sicker; he's bleeding from the nose. What he does learn is different from Ross's theory. It's not a gamma bomb, but a gamma battery being built. And it's empowering some version of a crimson Dynamo army.)
Thunderbolts #8 (Continues from the previous issue after an undefined break. The Thunderbolts, Red Hulk leading, crash in on a terrorist-spy in Chechnya and extracts the arms-dealer information from him. Then they kill all the terrorists around. The story also breaks to a lecture on Terrorists and person giving the speech. His prominance in the story is still unknown. The last part of the issue moves to Dagestan where the team surrounds an arms-deal negotiation. During their stakeout, Deadpool attempts to kill Punisher out of jealousy. Unfortunately for him, Punisher had Elektra waiting with a sniper rifle across the street. Deadpool is shot in the head. This warns all arms-dealers and the team strikes. Once they have the main negotiator, they try to extract information from him. That's when his phone rings, he answers it, and everything explodes.)
Thunderbolts #9 (Continues immediately from the previous issue. Just before the explosion, The Thunderbolts go into action. Red Hulk throws the dealer through the roof and they barely make it free of the blast. Still attempting to escape, they are faced against gamma-powered Crimson Dynamo units. They take as many as they can out, but Venom is wounded during their escape. Deadpool also recovers and makes his way out with the team, completely unaware of who shot him. Once they reassemble, Red Hulk goes into detail for their next kill mission. Arthur Vanko is the nephew of Ivan Vanko, the former scientist and creator of the Crimson Dynamo. He's also the person responsible for the cell phone bombs. As they set their mission parameters, though, American Intelligence is attempting to get a bead on them from their last exploits. Facial recognition captures Elektra's face, but refuses to reveal her identity without proper SHIELD clearance. The agents are dumbfounded until they get word of Orestez Natchios referring to the incident and asking to help find his sister.)
Thunderbolts #10 (Continues from the previous issue with an undefined break. Orestez, aside from being related to Elektra, is dealing with Vanko and the terrorists using the Dynamo armor. They've figured out they are being betrayed and use a failsafe to control their armors. In the meantime, Orestez murders Vanko and throws him out a window. Ross has the team go on the hunt for Orestez, ending up in the middle of a city, but it's obvious he knows they are there. With cell phones going off around them, an explosion is near-imminent. As the Red-Hulk, Ross has the citizens put the devices down and walk away. He answers one of them.)

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