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The Rings of The Mandarin


Iron Man Villain #1: The Mandarin

As any Iron Man expert knows, there is only one super-villain that qualifies as his greatest enemy; he's captured Stark and his suit more than once, had him at Death's Door on occasion, and even made him a servant for awhile. Any time an Iron Man game or video comes out, this legendary figure usually appears, regardless of design, and begins a campaign of plots to take Tony Stark to the woodshed. He ruthless and brilliant, and also happens to be the main villain in the Iron Man 3 movie; it's The Mandarin.

Right: The Mandarin as he first appeared, from the pages of Tales of Suspense #50 (1964).

Born in China with multiple aliases, The Mandarin first appeared in Tales of Suspense #50 (1964) as a legendary figure secreted in the Valley of Spirits. His purpose had yet to be revealed when Chinese officials requested the secrets to his miraculous science. Word then reached the U.S. and Iron Man was brought into the picture. From that day forward, it's been a test of technology and might; Stark and his inventions on one side against The Mandarin and his unique powers on the other.

While capable of defeating an opponent using numerous devices and plots, the most common artifacts in The Mandarin's possession are the 10 Rings of Power. Born of Makluan science, originating from an alien species he wandered upon, he mastered them and learned how to teleport, shoot various deadly rays, and accomplish mind control. Essential to The Mandarin in nearly every encounter, they were eventually fused to his spine.

Besides his Rings, though, The Mandarin is a overwhelming, mastermind-level, super-villain. At an early age, he found a Makluan spacecraft and became astute with their technology; he employs many inventions of their origin and has even controlled their Navigator, the infamous Fin Fang Foom (this occurred during the Dragon Seed story arc). He is also a martial arts master, rounding out his intellect, cunning, and physical prowess and - without a doubt - naming him Iron Man's greatest foe.

They may be tough, they may be rough, but boy do they hate Armored Superheroes! This is The Top 10 Villains of Iron Man, a Countdown of Stark's Greatest Foes provided by The Superheroes List, in tribute to the Iron Man 3 movie. Want to see who put him on the map? Read The List!

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