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It's Reverie for The Secret Avengers


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Analysis: Compared to this series, X-Force and the previous Secret Avengers were child's play. Now building a true espionage force to accomplish their dirtiest missions, SHIELD has recruited a task force that forgets almost everything - who sent them, their objectives, and secrets that could implicate the organization. Main characters are Mockingbird, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD.

Secret Avengers #1 (Currently placed here because there are no chronological markers. Hawkeye and Black Widow team up with the latest Nick Fury incarnation to go on a mission involving the attempted assassination of The President. The target is Andras Bertesy, a drug-dealer and practitioner of the mystic arts. Surrounding the story is the strange case of memory lapses and redacted information. It turns out SHIELD is using specialized nano-tech on Natasha and Clint to keep them from remembering the truth should they become captured or a threat. At one point, Clint remembers be shot by three thugs, but it turns out it was actually Fury; they just manipulated the memory to make it acceptable. Andras is captured by the end of the story, and his plot was to use Darkforce energy to teleport a terrorist into the White House. When the plan finally enacts, though, Fury is waiting and kills the killer.)
Secret Avengers #2 (Continues after Secret Avengers #1 with an undefined lapse in time. Starting off with the focus on AIM and the new Scientest Supreme, they are having a breakthrough at one of their facilities, and moving forward in their plans. The story then shifts to the new Nick Fury in the villain-nation of Bagalia. He's buying Taskmaster out of prison there and gets double-crossed by the villain Crossfire. They manage to escape with the help of Mockingbird, Coulson, Black Widow, and Hawkeye, later offering him a job. Bagalia appears to be a consortium of super-criminals running the government, with villains also in the citizenry. As the AIM Scientist Supreme begins conversing with their Department Heads, though, we notice that Taskmaster, obviously a SHIELD double-agent, is now their Minister of Defense.)
Secret Avengers #3 (Continues from Secret Avengers #2, but there is an undefined time lapse. As Agent Fury and Director Johnson visit a tech expo, they are surprised to see that an Iron Patriot version of Iron Man is being shown and will be used as drones. AIM, now a diplomatic organization with their own country, arrives and begins to get into an altercation with Daisy. She strikes and then a fight begins. They kill a Senator and steal the Iron Patriot before leaving. Meanwhile, Maria Hill is tasking Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Mockingbird to unofficially breach the AIM headquarters. They take out a number of scientists and find a copy of the JOCASTA andriod. Or is it? At the end, The Scientist Supreme has some plans for Mentallo, and it involves the new Iron Patriot they acquired.)
Secret Avengers #4 (Continues from the previous issue. Using their new armor, AIM grabs the rest of the Iron Patriots and uses Mentallo's power to make them sentient. SHIELD brings in Bruce Banner aka Hulk to help them. As the behemoth, he jumps in to a mess of the Iron Patriots and destroys everything. Quickly after, though, they wipe his memory and make it look like it was a rampage of the monster of his own volition. Near the same timeframe, Mockingbird and her team are breaking into AIM Island; the plan is to assassinate the AIM Scientist Supreme.)

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