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Captain America in Dimension Z


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Analysis: Steve Rogers concluded his previous Captain America and Captain America and ... titles; now he has a new number one, called...Captain America. Although it won't be much of a fresh start, one key change with Cap is his uniform. It's a huge chronological marker that you should be looking for in any issue. Originally in tights, Cap has been moving more and more towards military style fatigues and gear.

And finally, in regards to this specific story, it's currently placed early in the Reading Order. Most of the pictures of Captain America are confusing, but he appears to be in his earlier uniform. He officially changes his outfit in Avengers #1 (2013), which apparently, occurs later.

Right: The cover of Captain America #1 (2013), part of the Marvel NOW! event.

Captain America #1 (On his 90th birthday, Steve Rogers goes on a mission that lands him into Dimension Z, or Zolandia, run by one of his old enemies, Arnam Zola. He's knocked out while stowing away on a train into the place, and wakes up strapped to a lab table. Before any real damage can be done, he breaks free and gets out. Zola sees the destruction he caused on his escape and exclaims that his son has been killed, but we find out that Steve carried, or saved, a small child and has the baby with him.)
Captain America #2 (Continues from Captain America #1, where Rogers is still in the Z Dimension. Still trapped in the strange dimension by Arnim Zola, Captain America's fate has now been stranded there a year with the mysterious boy, trying to survive the alien threats surrounding them. As they attempt to move past a field, they are beset by two murderous mutates. Cap disarms them and wakes up a monster under the sands to kill one. He manages to kill the monster, but is then captured by a semi-civilized race and knocked out. When he awakens, he and the boy are taken to their leader. Preparing to be killed, he exclaims that is no friend of Zola before the issue ends.)
Captain America #3 (Continues immediately from Captain America #2, in Dimension Z. Cap avoids decapitation at the last moment and gets his universal translator working. One of the Phrox have decided to take him in. But later, while staying with them, he tries to incite a rebellion against their tyrannical leader, Zofjor. Hearing this, a battles ensues. Cap manages to kill Zofjor, but in the passing time, realizes that the strange sensations in his chest is a bio-grown link of Arnim Zola, his enemy!)
Captain America #4 (Continues from Captain America #3, 11 years later, in Dimension Z. While out on a hunt with Ian, now his adopted son, Steve encounters scouts from Zola's army. They take out one of them and examine his craft, finding a map of the Dimension, including a way to return home. Steve then shows Ian the visage of Zola's consciousness emanating from his chest. Ian also learns that Zola is his true father. Steve then warns Ian about Zola and the importance of getting home. Meanwhile, back at Zola's lair, Jet Black, Ian's sister, has captured the former Phrox War Chief that Rogers banished and learned vaguely where they are. She vows to kill them.)
Captain America #5 (Continues from the previous issue. Zola has found and is leading an extermination raid on The Phrox. Captain America and Ian race to this battle which is an all-out endgame. Jet joins the fight using a special style called Tachyon Fu; she beats Captain America down, but Ian faces and surprises her. Now Jet knows her brother is alive. He strikes her in the throat, knocking her down, but when Steve sees this, he shows mercy. Meanwhile, Zola has unleashed all his resources, eventually reaching Jet. She reveals that her brother, his son, is alive. Captain America is nearly defeated once again and Zola is furious to find that he took and raised his only son. He has Cap thrown over a cliff. Down below, Steve is still wrestling with the Zola virus in his chest. He climbs up, grabs a branch, and stabs himself in the chest, tearing the face out. Infuratied, but liberated, he vows to get his son.)
Captain America #6 (Occurs after Captain America #5 with no interruptions. The time discrepancy is undefined. Now losing the boy he's raised for the last decade, Steve treks to Zola's lair. Ian has been captured by Zola, but he resists accepting his heritage as the villain's son. Jet Black, meanwhile, begins feeling affection for our hero; she doesn't understand him. Captain America finally makes a solo assault on Zola's base; he catches Jet Black unaware, but she doesn't think he can pull the trigger and kill her. Ian, long since raised by Steve, is now being brainwashed; Zola now has him loyal. At the end, Steve does pull the trigger; he appears to kill Jet Black.)
Captain America #7 (Occurs immediately after Captain America #6. Of course Jet Black remains alive. We learn that Cap tied her up and continued to Zola's main lab, hoping to find Ian. Freed by her slaves, Jet Black pursues; in the meantime Zola has decided now to start a mutate invasion of Earth. Jet catches Steve and the two battle, all the while, he finally convinces her to show some form of compassion. Steve believes he may have finally swayed her opinion, but then he's shot. And this time, it's Ian who pulled the trigger.)

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