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Analysis: A+X has one underlying theme: non-conformity. The writer tells you in each issue not to worry about placement or details. It may not fit right, but that's okay. And...okay, here they are, non-conforming. So don't argue with messenger! :)

A+X #1 (Part I: Captain America and Bucky team up with Cable in the 1940s to stop the time-traveling Trask from implementing a Nazi-Sentinel to kill mutants. Part II: Hulk and Wolverine fight their older selves who are traveling back to the present to kill one of the Hulks.)
A+X #2 (Rogue makes a reference that she is now part of the Avengers, meaning that she has been inducted on the Uncanny Avengers team, putting this title after those. Part 1 has Black Widow and Rogue facing a Sentinel. Once they dispatch the creature, they go on a hunt to destroy it's explosive ordinance. Part 2 has Kitty Pryde and Tony stark at his headquarters. He offers her a job, but things go awry when brood appear and start attacking. They win the fight, but Stark realizes Kitty is best kept out of Stark Resilient.)
A+X #3 (No real chronological markers, so it is currently placed here based on released. Part I: Black Panther goes through the daily King's responsibilities, including review of princesses vying for his companionship, while Storm watches and cares for Wakanda from the sky. The Panther realizes she is near and goes to meet her. Part II: A monster attacks a thespian woman during her outdoor theatre performance and Gambit and Hawkeye face it while going after her phone number.)
A + X #4 (There are no chronological markers here, and the writer admits that there's no attempt to make any. The A + X issues are about simple match-ups and basic plots. At the beginning of the issue, it is pointed out that The Beast has mutated and Spider-Man's mind is now...preoccupied. But that doesn't matter. Just enjoy it. Part I: Beast and Spider-Man end up on The Planet of The Beasts! Part II: Captain America and Kid Omega psychically team up!)
A+X #5 (Part I: Goop with Iron Fist. Part II: Loki teams up with Mister Sinister at Doom's Castle. I stopped trying to make sense out of the plots at this point. It's just A+X, a title with some action and mostly hypothetical, comedy-sprinkled plots.
A+X #6 (Part I: Wolverine and Captain Marvel have it out at The End in a showdown between Astronauts and Cavemen. Part II: Gambit and The Thing run a poker scam.)
A+X#7 (Part I: Iron Man and The Beast have to work out some anti-Hulk software. Part II:  Iceman and Thor face Ymir and his newly fashioned Casket of Future Winters.
A+X#8 (Part I: Kitty Pryde and Spider-Woman take on the Absorbing Man. Hawkeye and Deadpool fight some sewer pirates.) 

This is a Story Arc Summary Page provided by The Superheroes List. If you're just arriving, Marvel NOW! is a reformation of the Marvel Comics Publishing Group, reinventing and revitalizing their great superheroes and villains to the latest era. Are you interested in what's happening with Marvel NOW!? Well you're not alone. You can find the Reading Order and more information at The Marvel NOW! Reading Order. Twitter #MarvelNOW

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